Monday, November 24, 2008

Even the owls' took drugs in the 80's

This poor, little 3 inch owl needs a little rehab.
He is a very 80's type of guy, brown and black.


I decided to calm him down a bit
with a little update.

He still has his psychedelic saucer eyes
but I changed his Groucho-like beak.
I didn't want him to lose all

of his vibes of peace and love so
I gave him a little flower power.
Peace man

The pattern can be found


coltpixy said...

Aha! You just gave me an idea for something I am working on. I love when that happens.

sukigirl said...

I love when that happens too!

Louise Parr said...

Hey, I just came across your lovely little owl, but the link is no longer there. Do you happen to still have a copy of this pattern? Xx

sukigirl said...

Hi Louise...I hadn't realized that the pattern was taken down.
I did find it through the wayback machine.
Not sure how long it will stay there but for now all the forest friend patterns are there. Hope this helps you...cheers suki

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