Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Patchwork Comforter

[Originally uploaded by
Heath & the B.L.T boys]

I came across this on flickr

and it brought a flood of memories back to me!

It is from the Better Homes & Gardens Patchwork & Quilting Book of 1977.

I'm pretty sure my sister and I saw this article years earlier published
in their magazine and as soon as we
saw it we knew we had to make one for mum.

Ours was made from crazy shades of green
week after week, we secretly worked on it
at my sister's apartment
which was above a small grocery store.
I'm surprised that we even finished ours on time
because of course it took so much longer
we ever expected but we stuck with it
until it was finished.

I'm not sure how much my mum actually liked the
look of the comforter itself but we thought it
was the coolest thing we had ever done!

I have no idea what happened to it,
I don't even have a picture of it
but the memory of making it with my
sister still remains clear!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life lessons from a dog

It's a hot August day today and the air conditioning is cranking away and I start to think of winter.
It's usually the other way around, when I'm sick and tired of shoveling the snow and trying not to skid my car on icy roads....that I think ahead to sunshine and heat.
Stupid, isn't it, not to be able to live in the moment!

I think I could learn some life lessons from my
beautiful border collie/lab mix.
Her name is Comet and she is the sweetest dog that I've ever met!
She is the type of dog who will turn down food for affection and she greets visitors by leaning her whole
body into them..her version of a body hug.

During the warmer months she sits out on the
cool grass for hours watching birds fly
and bugs crawl..she seems fascinated
by nature.

In the winter, no matter how cold it is
she tears across the fresh snow , dipping her nose
as she goes, breathing in life.

She is teaching me to breathe in life!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beginner's Knitted Sock

This is my second knitted project
(first was a washcloth)..
Maintaining even tension on the edges of
the DPN's were difficult but since this is
my first try I think I did well enough.
The second sock is on hold until I make
some swap items.
Hopefully I don't forget everything
that I learned!

Usually I learn a craft by reading books
so it was nice learning this with my mum
(she was visiting when I did this
and acted as my backup!)
Thanks Mum!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

vintage embroidery

I picked these up at a thrift shop for a buck a piece.
I hesitated buying these because I wasn't sure if
I really liked them.
Well they have definitely grown on me
and for now they will hang in my workspace but
I would eventually like to use them as elements
in a larger piece...maybe tone down
the orange a wee bit?
I really love the embroidery on the dresses!

Monday, August 11, 2008

WIP capelet

This is the first garment
that I have ever tackled in crochet.

I found the free pattern on Craftster through Ravelry
and so far I am loving it.

It is totally beginner friendly and really easy
to adapt to your own size.

In fact I randomly pulled out the biggest hook (N)
that I had and some pale green worsted yarn
from my stash just to see if
I could figure out the pattern.

I really expected it to be way off in the sizing and
that I would frog it back

but so far it is fitting me beautifully!
(In the picture the one side is just pulled
down lower....the sides are
in reality even.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crocheted Santas waiting for Christmas

I wanted to work on a project on my holidays that was
small enough to easily fit into my suitcase.
I also wanted something silly to crochet in
the heat of Italy so this fit the bill.
All I had to do when I got back home was put stuffing
in them and take their picture.

The middle one is to be the first Santa in a garland
of non-traditional Santas.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birds of a Feather


Birds are on my mind, and in my house.

A few weeks back I had my back door
open, enjoying the warm weather when 2 large robins decided to fly in and visit me.
You have no idea how big robins actually are until you
have them flapping around your a blind panic, tossing themselves against walls and windows.

My two dogs, happy that their master had provided them with a fun new game
started to bark and lunge at them.
That put me into full panic mode!
I did eventually manage to
get my canines out and away from the birds.

I decided to stay in the next room to let the robins settle
down and after a few moments one even perched on the back of my comfy chair.
For a few minutes we each sat perfectly still, content to just look at one another.
It was a perfect moment.
After a while I looked over to see
what robin #2 was up to.
I could see it quietly sitting on the window sill and then I happened to glance
over to see my cat, who I had totally forgotten about,
staring at it, in full hunting mode.

To make a long story short, my high-pitched shriek somehow got my cat to retreat and the robins eventually found their way back out through the door.

No I didn't think to get my camera, but that image of the robin sitting
on the back of my favourite chair watching me is one that I won't ever forget.
I've been thinking of somehow
creating that moment in fabric.
But for now here are some lovely birds from some very talented crafters
...who knows what stories led to their creations!

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