Monday, October 13, 2008

How to make Coffee Cozies

Beginner Cup Cozies
by sukigirl74
I made up the pattern for these cozies for a swap
and I wanted to share it.

Please note that all content and images are mine and are protected by

I love to share my patterns but, as usual, please do not claim them as your own or publish my patterns on your site without my permission are more than welcome to link to it. Do not sell any items made from this pattern. Also I ask that you credit me as the designer when posting your pics of any items you make.

Please read all notes before starting because
all mugs are not created equal.
I give row counts for my particular mug
but I do tell you in my instructions
how to adjust to fit your own mug
(in red).
I've given you the basics but this
is an easy pattern so have fun with it.

This pattern has now been tested but please let
me know if you find any errors.

Chain 2's at the beginning of each row count as a stitch.
When making rounds, place a marker in the second chain
so that it will be easy to know where to join with a slip stitch.

Pattern: starting from bottom
Row 1: Crochet enough chains to fit snuggly around
the base of the cup, then join with a sl stitch (27 st)
(being careful not to twist chain).
Row 2-3: Ch2, hdc into each st around.
Join with a slip st.(27 st)
(Make as many rows that will take you to just below your handle).

Handle Rows:
(For these rows you will be working back and forth so you will not join.)
Row 4-7: Ch 2, turn work, hdc into each stitch but leave some stitches at the
end unworked (for handle)

(For your mug make enough rows to reach the handle hole.)
Row 8: Ch2, turn, work, hdc into each stitch of previous row, ch 8.
Row 9: Ch2, turn work. Starting in 3rd ch, hdc into each chain and
into each hdc of the previous row.
Row 10-: Ch2, turn. Work hdc into each stitch of previous row.
(For your mug, make as many rows to take you about halfway up the
hole of the handle and end with your last row as a wrong side row. A wrong
side row will mean that you will end NOT at the tab end.)

Buttonhole row:
Row 11: Ch 2, turn.
Hdc into all but last 4 stitches, then ch2 (forms button hole), skip 2, hdc into
last 2 stitches.
Row 12: Ch 2, turn. Work hdc into each stitch
[including the 2 buttonhole chains (from row 11)].
Row 13-: Ch 2, turn. Work hdc into each stitch.
(For your mug, repeat Row 13 until it reaches bottom of your handle top).

Decorative edging
Row 14: Turn, skip first stitch *3 hdc into next stitch, slip stitch in next*
Repeat from * to * until end of row.
(Optional: when you get to the part that lies under the cup handle you can
slip stitch over these stitches. See blue arrow below).

Sew on button using the same yarn and you are done.

Please note that all content and images are mine and are protected by

I love to share my patterns but, as usual, please do not claim them as your own or publish my patterns on your site without my permission are more than welcome to link to it. Do not sell any items made from this pattern. Also I ask that you credit me as the designer when posting your pics of any items you make.


Coffee Cozies said...

Those are really cute!

sukigirl said...

Thank CC and I love your take out cosies!!

crafty things said...

Cute cosies - love the colours you have chosen.

sukigirl said...

Thank you Craftythings,
I'm glad that you like them.

I quickly took a peek at your blog Brown Owls...WOW!
Those owls are stunning.
And I'm very impressed that you have more than one blog
...I have a hard time posting to one.
Thanks again.

crafty things said...

Hi sukigirl

I think you must have looked at one of the blogs I follow rather than the blog I share with my daughter called Crafty Bits and Bobs. I too find that one is enough to fit in around all the other bits of life. I do, however love to read other blogs and follow quite a big list.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this pattern, I love it!!
I've decided I'm going to make some for xmas presents this year. :)

sukigirl said...

I'm glad that you like it and thanks so much for leaving a comment.
I appreciate it,..cheers suki

Jana said...

Hi, I just found your cozy and I want to make some for new teachers and the principal that are coming. I'm a bit confused though. At the end of row 8 you say to ch8, and THEN at the beginning of row 9 you say to chain 2! So at the end of row 8 am I really supposed to ch 10 and then proceed with starting the hdc in the 3rd chain? I hope you are still monitoring this blog and post! Need help asap! Thanks!

sukigirl said...

Hi Jana...let me get back to you.
I haven't made it in so long I need to take a look at it. I'll try and post it today.

sukigirl said...

Jana, that didn't take me too long did it LOL!
Yes you do both so that would mean 10 in total.

The reason I did not write it that way is because, depending on the size of your mug, you might need to make a smaller or larger tab. Row 8 is where you would change that if needed. But no matter how you change that number, row 9 must always stay at ch 2.
I hope that helps.

So.... if you aren't changing the pattern size than ch 10 but if you do change the pattern then chain the length you want your tab then start Row 9.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Ms Muffin said...

I am a total tea lover and am celebrating September by posting as many tea -
related projects as I can find. You can read about it on my blog

I wanted to ask you whether it is alright to feature your cute tea cozie and whether I would be allowed to use your photo to do so.
Also if you have any other tea-related projects to feature, let me know.

Love from Germany
Ms Muffin @

Ms Muffin said...

Sorry, just forgot to sign up for the follow-up comments ...

sukigirl said...

Hi Ms Muffin,
it sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun with this theme!
Yes you can link to my pattern and as far as using my picture you can get it by going to the picture hosted on my flickr account here:
and hit the 'blog it' under 'share this'.
I'm adding a free cosy pattern for a teapot sometime this week so if you like you could post about that too.
I'm looking forward to reading your blog and seeing what other projects that you post.
If you have any more questions please feel free to ask...cheers suki

Ms Muffin said...

Thanks so much - I will let you know when the post is up! And of course you are VERY WELCOME to post about this on your blog. I'd be happy if people spread the word! I also made a button you can use if you want to - it's on the right upper handside on my blog.
oh, I uploaded the photo directly from your blog into my blog (that way if you take off your picture it will be gone on my blog too) - I hope that is alright. To be honest - I could not work out the flickrthing. It sais that I don't have a blog to upload to ... I will have to figure that one out when I have a bit more time on my hands.
And am very much looking forward to your teacup cozy pattern! Feel free to drop me an email when you post it ... just in case so I don't miss it! I will happily include it in the roundup!
(Sorry for the long comment. I just could not find a way to email you directly ...)

Ms Muffin said...

The post with you crochet pattern is up - so come on over and check it out:
Btw, I'll be featuring another crocheted cozy pattern during the rondup ... so if you are interested keep visiting to check it out.
Have a lovely day,
Ms Muffin

Tea said...

Congratulations are in order for your new pattern! It's adorable! And thank you for sharing so freely. :)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Ms Muffin and Tea,
What I like best about mug cosies is that they actually work...I'm a slow tea drinker (I get distracted easily :) so it's nice to come back to a warm cup of tea.
cheers suki

Ms Muffin said...

Now I definitely have to make one. I was always wondering whether it is rather for "the looks" to have a mug cozy. I like drinking my tea out of a quite big mug but often it ends up getting cold as I rarely have 10 consecutive minutes just for myself right now. So something that would make my tea stay hot/warm a little longer would be great!

Mrs. Miller said...

I can't wait to try this! I saw this via muffins and more and did a post on my blog and linked yours up. super cute!

Sheene said...

these are really great for christmas gifts! thanks for sharing.. ill be making a few now and share photos with you soon.. :) thanks again..


sukigirl said...

Thank you Mrs. Miller for the lovely post on your blog.
How is your 30 day challenge going?
I don't think people realize how difficult that can be.
I also love the fact that cupcakes come up so often in your blog...who doesn't love cupcakes!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Sheene...I'd love to see photos of any cosies that you make. They would be a nice, fast gift for your kids' teachers, is that what you're thinking of?
You take care....hugs suki

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