Friday, January 13, 2017

Organizing my life...a simple crochet pouch

Crochet pouch lined with zipper
I started 2017 off with a large basket
to help me organize my yarn.
Next I wanted a pouch to keep my 
hooks, scissors, stitch markers, etc in
so that when I'm working on a project 
I have them all together.

I've given general instructions below,
it's not complicated just a rectangle that you fold,
 and then sew up the sides..
You could make it even simpler by making it in the round.
That way.... no seams

  I decided to add a zipper and line it 
but even without these it's a lovely little pouch.
Leave it plain as I have or embellish it with whatever makes you smile.

My rectangle ended up being 9 by 5 1/2 ( inches)or 23 by 14 (centimetres)
I used aran weight yarn and each row consists of 33 Hdc.

pouch wip crocheting part done

There is a total of 35 Hdc rows as follows
I made 2 rows of brown,
3 rows of red,
12 rows of white,
1 row of white worked in backloops only just for this row,
12 rows of white,
3 rows of red,
and 2 rows of brown.

The beauty of it is you can adjust it to make it any size.

Here is a shot of the lining.

Lining for pouch

Monday, January 9, 2017

A new year...a new stitch

Diamond crochet basket

While wandering through a thrift store a while back

I came across a giant ball of grey yarn for $4.

Way too hard to resist even though I 

was already in danger of being buried under my stash yarn.

But I had the perfect pattern in mind since

it not only eats yarn but also it uses a stitch which

I've never tried before.

And as a bonus it also stores some of my yarn stash.

It's from a free pattern by Esther Chandler on Ravelry 

Diamond Trellis Basket 


Diamond Trellis Basket

It did take me awhile to get the hang of the new (to me) stitch.
As you can see my lines on the basket aren't perfect
 but I'm still happy with it.
This video by moogly was really helpful to me.
It explains the  
front post triple crochet 2 together stitch.

 My cat Mew on the other hand wasn't particularly helpful
although she was nice company.
Mew in my basket
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