Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A spring teacosy called Rosey

Rosie Posy Tea Cosy
Spring-like weather has finally arrived
so it's only fitting that flowers
should adorn my newest teacosy.
Crocheted red roses sit on top of
a knitted grassy green body.

The next time friends visit I'll spread out
one of my vintage cloths,
pop some peppermint leaves into
Rosey and set out a few of my Gramma's 
lovely teacups and saucers.
And of course there will be 
some cranberry scones.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good bye February

Positives from this month.
-I finally tried 2 new projects
(embroidery and stamp carving)
and I'm dying to do more.
-I set myself a challenge and completed it
even on those days 
that I didn't feel like it.
-I made some projects that have been
on my to-do list for a long time.
-I used up a LOT of scrap supplies.
-I came up with a couple patterns
plus loads of ideas.
-I've always seen my 'slowness' of
completing a craft as a negative.
I now realize that it gives me
time to change the pattern around if I want 
or to redo a part that I'm not happy with.

I'd like to do this again next
year but I would change a 
few things to make it a

little easier on myself.
The most important would be
to line up all the project ideas
(plus a few extras)
and their supplies
well ahead of time.
 This would help if the
unexpected happened...
like when my sewing machine
broke down or when
I underestimated how 
amazing the Olympics would be!

Also I would start one day early
so that I could take project 
pictures during the sunny hours 
so that at least some of the
colours would be true.

So I would highly recommend
this to anyone who's considering it.
Next year I'd like to sign up for
the official Thing-a-day.

And thanks to my cheering section!!!

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