Friday, December 18, 2009

Another crocheted Max from the Wild Things

Another Max finished

What is really cool about Max is that
he makes a great gift for both
a 25 year old male (my son) and 
a one year old girl (my niece).

Again this is from this great pattern.
by Allison Hoffman from
 Crafty is Cool (etsy).

I loved making him,
so easy, and so well designed.
I can see myself making this pattern again.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hobbes.... waiting to come alive

You can now find my free pattern here.

I've been waiting for a nice sunny day
to take a picture of my finished Hobbes
and today was the day.
How do you like him?

Finished Hobbes

I decided to make the Hobbes that
the world sees, not the one Calvin sees.

I wanted to remain as true to the original
drawing as I possibly could.

I'm pretty sure by son will 
be happy with his Hobbes.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Tale of Two Max's

A tale of two Max's

I made the bag on the left to hold
the crocheted presents that I made
for my darling new sweet niece.
You could also use it as a Xmas stocking.
I really love how it came out despite the fact
that my sewing machine had major problems
and that I could only find the acrylic felt
and not the nice wool felt.
This great free pattern comes from
the totally cool blog Meet Me at Mikes.

I crocheted the little Max figure from
I found him easy to make and
only changed his nose.
His crown comes off and his
hood comes down, how cute is that!
I'm part way finished making a second
one for my son.

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