Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hobbes.... waiting to come alive

You can now find my free pattern here.

I've been waiting for a nice sunny day
to take a picture of my finished Hobbes
and today was the day.
How do you like him?

Finished Hobbes

I decided to make the Hobbes that
the world sees, not the one Calvin sees.

I wanted to remain as true to the original
drawing as I possibly could.

I'm pretty sure by son will 
be happy with his Hobbes.


intothedawn said...

He turned out just wonderful! He's perfect and absolutely adorable. You did such a great job. I love that you decided to make the Hobbes that the world sees, it really does look just like him.

coltpixy said...

Adorable and beautiful. You really did a fabulous job on him. ♥

martha brown said...

Hobbes looks great! Your son will love him :) Max is wonderful too -- you're so talented.

Tavinah said...

this is best hobbes i have seen and i want to make one for my bf! for someone who is just starting out...would you say this is a huge task on my part? I just don't know how much time i should give myself to actually make him something that looks good. and i love that you listen to nat king cole...he's amazing :D

sukigirl said...

Thanks so much guys!

Tavinah, I would say that it could be challenging for a beginner.
For Hobbes you need to know how to crochet in the round, and to change colours and also how to change a pattern a bit since the arms and legs are quite different than the pattern. They are basically tubes.
You should also know how to sew the different parts together.

If you really want to try him then I would suggest giving yourself loads of time and start with the head. If you can do the head you can probably do everything else.

What I do with a challenging project is tackle it row by row, stopping to get help where needed.
I go to youtube and look at their crochet videos if I get stuck.

If you are still having problems maybe switch to simpler crochet projects to get some experience and come back to Hobbes later.

Hope this helps...suki

Seymore Monkey said...

Wow! I love Hobbs! Nicely done.

Paradox / Bitte S said...

Adorable! And what a great size, so squeezeable!

Nena3110 said...

I like it so much, very nice and cute!

sukigirl said...

Thanks all, I always appreciate your comments!

Paradox, I'm glad you like his size, I wanted to keep him smaller to add to his 'cute factor'.

Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mette aka mettuska said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

enthusiastic said...

Hobbes looks fabulous! Any chance you'd share or sell your pattern? I'm no good at making up my own.

sukigirl said...

Thanks enthusiastic,
I started out jotting down notes but ended up scrapping them since I was doing so many changes.
If I ever make another I'll write the pattern down.
Sorry that doesn't help you much now.

Elliot said...

OMG i want one 22222!! I would pay a lot (well within my budget :P) if you made it and I buy it from you :D That is soooooo Cute!!!

Seriously i would buy one from you if you are selling one how can i get in touch with you to see about that if you are?

sukigirl said...

Hi Elliot,
I'm glad you like him.
I may start selling them in the new year....not sure yet.
We can exchange email addresses if you like...just go to my blogger profile.

Sarah S. said...

Oh my WORD!! I just discovered this pattern and actually squealed!! I have a little blonde-haired, blue-eyed 19 month old boy who WILL be dressed as Calvin sometime in the future, especially now that he will have a Hobbs! Have to get some supplies and I'm starting! :D

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