Friday, January 27, 2012

MollieMakes vegetables (Craft Book Challenge)

A while back I found a wonderful vintage bag
at my local thrift shop
and ever since then I have used it as my market bag.
But I've always wanted to gussy it up a bit and
when I saw issue 5 of MollieMakes mag
I knew how I would do it.

My market bag
I also wondered what else I
could make with these cute veggies.
Then I started to think ahead to
spring when I could start planting
my garden and I came up with these
garden markers.

Pretend that the apples are lovely garden dirt.
Garden markers
 I used chopsticks because I have a lot of them.
I'll have to make more with tomatoes, beans, etc.

The patterns were really easy and quick to make.
I subscribe to the emagazine
because here it is about a third of the price
of the printed version.

I've called this a craft book challenge item 
despite the fact that it came from a magazine.
So for me, at least,
I'm including magazines and books
in both digital and print form.

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