Friday, January 13, 2017

Organizing my life...a simple crochet pouch

Crochet pouch lined with zipper
I started 2017 off with a large basket
to help me organize my yarn.
Next I wanted a pouch to keep my 
hooks, scissors, stitch markers, etc in
so that when I'm working on a project 
I have them all together.

I've given general instructions below,
it's not complicated just a rectangle that you fold,
 and then sew up the sides..
You could make it even simpler by making it in the round.
That way.... no seams

  I decided to add a zipper and line it 
but even without these it's a lovely little pouch.
Leave it plain as I have or embellish it with whatever makes you smile.

My rectangle ended up being 9 by 5 1/2 ( inches)or 23 by 14 (centimetres)
I used aran weight yarn and each row consists of 33 Hdc.

pouch wip crocheting part done

There is a total of 35 Hdc rows as follows
I made 2 rows of brown,
3 rows of red,
12 rows of white,
1 row of white worked in backloops only just for this row,
12 rows of white,
3 rows of red,
and 2 rows of brown.

The beauty of it is you can adjust it to make it any size.

Here is a shot of the lining.

Lining for pouch


coltpixy said...

It is lovely!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Star...I've been using it already.

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