Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crocheted wristwarmers for cooler weather

I love these wristwarmers!
They just tuck under your sleeves for
extra warmth.
They are perfect for fall weather when it isn't
cold enough for gloves but still a bit chilly.
I crocheted them from this wonderful free
pattern by Melissa Mall from Inner Child Crochet.

These are made from a wool soy blend
which is incredibly soft!
I was going to embellish them but
since the recipients don't live nearby,
I wouldn't be able to match any
colours they have in their coat.


coltpixy said...

I love them! They are very soft. The color matches one of my wool scarfs.

Elissa said...

SIGH> oh, i DO wish i knew how to crochet and knit. someday, someday.... these are really neat... a different effect than the ones that go around your thumb. i need to do this so i can add that bit of length to ALL of my shirts as that is exactly where i like a sweater or shirt to come to and i have long arms, so they often don't!

sukigirl said...

CP, when you showed the picture of your crochet hat that you bought off etsy, I tried to find yarn to match but couldn't so went with a solid black instead.

elissa, ain't that the truth about having sleeves way too short. I think I spend the whole winter looking for things to wrap me up in so I can stay warm.
cheers suki

coltpixy said...

I have a black coat. My favorite sweater is black and long, almost to my knees. Your wrist warmers look fabulous with anything though. Black matches everything. :^)

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