Saturday, October 4, 2008

A needlepoint with a few problems

This was supposed to be part of a swap project
for a good friend but I decided not
to finish it.
It was to be a pincushion,
with a needlepoint on one side
and fabric for pins on the other side.

It all started really well.....
I liked the design that I came up with
(It, along with the colours that I chose,
were based on her avatar).
I started stitching the bird and flower first and
I was happy with them. But the background white
caused problems for me,
I used a larger stitch and my tension
turned out to be too tight,
which badly skewed the whole canvas.
When I blocked it, it squared up a bit but
the tension was still too tight.

But I think I learned from my mistakes.
Next time I will use a frame and
keep all of my stitches the same size.
I'll also relax my tension
(maybe with the aid of a glass of wine).
I would really like to have another crack at
this because I do think it could be a
pretty little project if done well.


coltpixy said...

That is beautiful!
Hey! The screwed up mess you got looks bad, that does not.
I can't wait until we start our next project. No telling what kind of mess we will make. It sure is a lot of fun trying to learn something new anyway.

sukigirl said...

I agree, it's just so much fun to dive in and try something new!
If it works out, it's a bonus!

Miss 376 said...

This is a lovely design and the colours are fantastic. Don't give up

sukigirl said...

Thank you miss 376, for the encouragement to continue trying.

I had fun looking at your blog and seeing your beautiful needlepoint and cross stitch!
I'd love to be able to stitch like that!

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