Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Babette crochet afghan

I've always wanted to make a babette
afghan and decided this would be the
winter to start on it.
But first I looked
through my old craft books
to see some of the 70's versions
of the granny afghan.
This lovely example is from BHG
Crocheting and Knitting 1978


Not quite an afghan but still a
wonderful example of grannys
in this pillow from
McCall's Crochet Treasury 1977


Here is a link to some modern afghans
known as babettes.

It may take me a while to pick
out my colours and also decide
if I will follow the babette pattern or
just do my own thing.
But it is a project which I'm
really looking forward
to starting.


Anonymous said...

That is such a lovely afghan!!! I wish I had the pattern for it.. Not that I doesn't have enough afghans already, but this is so different and beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing!!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Bea, it is such a lovely afghan isn't it.

Let me see if I can email you some more information on it. :0)

And thank you again for posting your pattern for your cool fingerless mittens on your blog. I'm so in love with them and I'm going to tackle them this winter (those dpns are so scary to a beginner knitter).
cheers.... suki

sukigirl said...

bea, I sent you an email...I hope you received it.
cheers ann

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