Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Learning to crochet using Japanese charts

I've seen so many cool patterns online
in chart form but I really didn't
know how to read them.
So I decided to sit myself down
and figure it out.
I first picked a pattern that had
both a chart and written instructions.
I chose a pattern that I knew
I would normally be able
to crochet fairly easily.
I then made a photocopy of the
pattern so that I could mark
off each row as I made it.


I also made sure it had a
chart listing each symbol and
it's corresponding stitch.


I then tried to figure out the first row
by ONLY looking at the chart.
I then went to the written instructions
to see if I got it right.
From then on I pretended that
I only had the chart and worked hard
to figure each row out.
The only time I would look at the
written instr. would be if
I was absolutely stuck.
Once you get the hang of it
it is quite easy.
It's wonderful to be able to SEE
which stitch goes where.


coltpixy said...

How wonderful!
I am hoping that my own determination to learn a new (for me) project pays off as well as yours has.

sukigirl said...

Thank you CP....
From what I've seen, every time you've been determined to learn something new, you've done it exceptionally well!

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