Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Hobbes Crochet Pattern

I've finally decided to write up my Hobbes pattern
and instead of selling it 
I'd like to give it to you for free.

Finished Hobbes
The reason he is free is because
the creator of Calvin and Hobbes,
Bill Watterson
did not want to commercialize his work
so keeping that in mind
Please don't sell this pattern
and don't sell the completed work.
 I feel that part of enjoying Calvin and Hobbes
is also respecting the man who created it.
So this pattern is offered to people
who want to make Hobbes for themselves 
or a loved one.
I originally made this up for my son because
of his love for Hobbes (he's 23 now)

I armed myself with Watterson's brilliant
drawings as a reference.
I made this pattern to look as close 
as possible to the Hobbes' drawings .

I realized that Hobbes could be
broken down into basic shapes.
His head is really just a fat cylinder,
his arms, legs and body are really
just cylinders with stripes on them.

He also had the muzzle of a cat
so I looked to the famous Amineko cat.
And despite what it looks like
that muzzle is just an unstuffed, flattened
cylinder too.

 Once I got the shapes down  I worked on size.
I had to make sure that each part was
in the right proportion to each other.
It was actually quite fun and challenging
to create a 3D yarn toy
from a 2D drawing.
 Until I started making him I never realized how different
Hobbes looks from a regular cat.
His head and body are a lot longer than
an normal cat plus
 he has the shortest fattest legs.
That caused me problems since
tubular legs and arms don't want to bend.
And if he can't bend then he can't sit
which means he couldn't sit under 
trees waiting for Calvin to bring him to life.
So I compromised a bit by not stuffing
the upper parts of his arms and legs.
Not exactly perfect but the best that I could do.
 I hope you enjoy making him
and I'd love if you left comments!
If you do  make him please let me know.
Also please credit me as designer and
include a link to this post
when you do post pictures.

There are a lot of sites that have tutorials for making jogless stripes.
Hooks and Needles.... color stripe tutorial
NeedleNoodles.......jogless stripes

Pattern notes 
You will need:
Hook size: 4.5mm
Worsted weight yarn in orange, black and white (less than a 100 g ball each).
Black felt for eyes, nose and 2 stripes
A small strand of embroidery 
Darning needle

All stripes (except 2 on top of head) are made by changing
colours in the pattern.

Please note that you will be working in the round.
Also note that
 at the end of each round you will slip stitch to join and chain 1.
This will minimize jogless stripes (see above resources).
Using orange yarn
(1)  6 sc into magic loop, tighten loop (6 st)
(2)  [2 sc  in each stitch ]         (12 st)
(3) [1sc into the 1st sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (18 st)
(4) [1sc into each of next 2 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (24 st)
(5)  [1sc into each of next 3 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (30 st)
(6) [1sc into each of next 4 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (36st)
(7) [1sc into each of next 5 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (42 st)
(8) [1sc into each of next 6 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (48st)
(9) Work even             (48 st)

Now you start on the black stripes at the back of his head.
When you switch back and forth between black and orange you will have to fasten
off each colour. This will result in a  lot of ends...I didn't weave them in since they 
are tucked inside his cute head but that decision is up to you.
But don't worry...this is the only part of the pattern where this happens.

(10-11) make 16 sc in orange then 32 sc in black (48 st)
(12) work even in orange
(13-15) Same as  rows (10-12)
(16-17) make 16 sc in orange then 32 sc in black (48 st)
The rest of the head is worked in orange only.
(18-21) work even   (48 st)
(22) [1sc into each of next 6 sc, 2sc decrease] 6 times (42st)
(23) [1sc into each of next 5 sc, 2sc decrease] 6 times (36 st)
(24) Work even
(25) [1sc into each of next 4 sc, 2sc decrease] 6 times (30st)
(26) Work even
(27) [1sc into each of next 3 sc, 2sc decrease] 6 times (24 st)
(28-30) Work even, fasten off leaving long yarn to sew head on.
Stuff head

Muzzle: Do not stuff!
 In white
(1)  6 sc into magic loop, tighten loop (6 st)
(2)  [2 sc  in each stitch ]         (12 st)
(3) [1sc into the 1st sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (18 st)
(4) [ 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next 5 stiches]  3 times   (21 st)
(5-18) work even
(19) [2sc decrease , 1 sc in next 5 st] 3 times   (18st)
(20) [1 sc in next st, 2sc decrease]          (12 st)
(21) decrease in every stitch   (6st)
(22) decrease in every stitch (3 st).
If you rather you can skip this last row and sew the hole up with yarn instead.
Fasten off leaving enough yarn to sew muzzle to head.

Ears (Make two)
These are just 2 triangles
In black
(1) 4sc into magic loop (4 st)
(2) increase in every st  (8 st)
(3) [1sc into each of next 3sc, 2sc into the next sc] (10 st)
(4) [1sc into each of next 4sc, 2sc into the next sc] (12 st)
(5) [1sc into each of next 5sc, 2sc into the next sc]  (14 st)
(6) work even
Fasten off and leave enough yarn to sew to head.
Hand press them to look like ears

Putting the details on.

The eyes, nose and stripes on the top of his head are all made of felt.
Use the picture for everything on first so you can make
sure that it all looks good. Take your time with this part.
This is the most important part of the whole's what makes
your stuffed toy become Hobbes.
I take a picture of it ...that helps me a lot.

All the felt pieces are hand sewn on with thread, the muzzle is sew on with yarn.
Sew the nose onto the muzzle and add a couple of embroidery lines below the nose,
Put some stuffing behind the muzzle piece and sew onto head.
Sew the eyes on about the same level as the bottom stripe.
Sew on ears and 2 stripes using picture as help.

Starting from bottom up.
In orange
(1)  6 sc into magic loop, tighten loop (6 st)
(2)  [2 sc  in each stitch ]         (12 st)
(3) [1sc into the next first sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (18 st)
(4) [1sc into each of next 2 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (24 st)
(5)  [1sc into each of next 3 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (30 st)
(6) [1sc into each of next 4 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (36st)
(7) [1sc into each of next 5 sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (42 st)
(8) work even
(9-10) using black work even
(11-12) using orange work even
Continue working rows 9-12 until you have a total of 6 stripes of each colour.
(33) in black [1 sc in next 5 st, 2sc decrease] 6 times (36 st)
(34) work even
(35) in orange work even
(36) [1 sc in each of next 4 st, 2sc decrease] 6 times   (30 st)
(37-38) in black work even
(39) In orange  [1 sc in each of next 3 st, 2sc decrease] 6 times (24 st)
 Fasten off

Legs (Make 2)

In white
 (1)  6 sc into magic loop, tighten loop (6 st)
(2)  [2 sc  in each stitch ]         (12 st)
(3) [1sc into the next first sc, 2sc into the next sc] 6 times (18 st)
(4) [1sc into each of next 2sc, 2sc into the next sc] 6 times (24 st)
(5-9) work even
(10-11) in black work even
(12-13) in orange work even
Repeat  rows 10-13 until you have 4 stripes of each colour
Fasten off leaving enough orange yarn to attach to body.

Arms  Make 2

Work the same as the legs but skip row 9.
Also at the end, do another row of 10 and 11 of black.
Fasten off and leave enough black yarn to sew arms onto body.

starting from the tip of the tail
In black
(1)  6 sc into magic loop, tighten loop (6 st)
(2)  [2 sc  in each stitch ]         (12 st)
(3) [1sc into each of next 5 sc, 2 sc into the next sc]  2 times   (14 st)
(4-5) work even in orange
(6-7) work even in black
Repeat Rows 4-7 until you have 13 orange stripes and 13 black stripes
Then add another stripe of orange (rows 4-5)
Fasten off and leave enough orange yarn to sew to body.

Belly Band (oval)
Don't get scared off this section
His tummy patch is simply an oval.
If you know how to make one then just skip this section totally.
In reality ovals are very simple...(it's the written instructions that make them seem complicated
to make especially as you add new rounds.)
All the increases in an oval are at the ends.
The straight sides have no increases.

I'll give you written instructions for the first round since it is easy,
then I'll show you visually where the increases go for the next rounds

Ch 16 in white
Round 1:
Remember to mark your first stitch with marker
Starting in 2nd chain from hook sc 14, 3sc in last st.
Rotate work around and start working on other side of chain.
Sc 13, make 2sc in last st.

Now look at this drawing:

I've drawn out 4 ovals that represent the four rounds
The red arrows represent where the increases occur.

You should note 2 things
1-The number of increases stay the same during each round
            (3 extra increases at each end for a total of 6 increases)
2- There is one increase that always stays in the same place and the other two take
'steps' away from this centre increase. It's like they are getting mad at the bossman
and the longer they are with him the further they want to be from him.

In Round 1 all three increases were in the same stitch. (at each end)
They were friends.
Now for the rest of the rounds

Round 2:
Notice that the two side increases have moved away from the centre increase.
They now are 2 stitches down from it (separated by a sc)
So what you are going to do is first mark the centre stitch at both ends.
Just do it by eye.
Now count down 2 stitches on both sides and that is where your side increases will go.
Do that also for the other end.

Now crochet that row putting increases only in those places. (6 in total)
Every other stitch will be worked evenly..don't forget to put a sc in between those increases.

Round 3: Again mark your two centre stitches...count down 3 stitches on both side...that is where your increases go.
Every other place gets a sc.

Round 4;  Mark your two centre stitches...count down 4 stitches on both side...that is where your increases go. Every other place gets a sc

For me 4 rounds fit Hobbes nicely but if you want it larger just 
continue moving those side increases down a stitch for each round.

Putting the body together
Stuff the body and sew on the belly band.
Stuff the arms and legs but only stuff the joint area lightly as 
you want to make him bendable.
Use yarn to sew on the appendages.
Sew head onto body adding stuffing if needed.

Pick him up, give him a hug!


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emerson-j said...

wow he is adorable, i do sell crochet items but would never sell hobbes if i get the chance to make him, my daughter would love him!!! thank you so much for sharing. ive never made a complete animal toy before it looks rather hard..ur very clever!

sukigirl said...

Thanks emerson-j,
He did take me a long time to get him to really look like Hobbes and not just a stuffed tiger.
I'm glad that you understand about not selling him. I've seen a couple people copy him from my pics and are selling either the pattern or the toys themselves.
I hope you end up making one!!

4PtSake said...

Love Him! Calvin and Hobbes was always one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing all the hard work...and fun!

Anonymous said...

I adore Hobbes & my husband loves him too-- this would be a great gift to make Hubby! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

magnoliasntea said...

Your pattern making skills and Hobbes are both excellent! Congratulations!

sukigirl said...

Thank you's fun to see all the Calvin and Hobbes fans.
When I first started to come up with a pattern I pulled out his books to find drawings of the stuffed Hobbes.
I found myself lost in reading the books again. It was wonderful to jump into that world again!
hugs suki

VinGirl said...

I'm so happy this is finally available, thank you so much for your time & talent! My husband and son both love these stories, and I can't wait to make one! ♥


sukigirl said...

You're welcome VinGirl!
It's nice to see that even though there hasn't been any new books published in a while, he is still gaining new fans with each generation!

Monika said...

That's just adorable! I wish I would be a better crocheter to make one.

Anonymous said...

your and Mr Waterson's wish for it not to be commercialised. He is a darling, and you have done a wonderful job. He has a lovely expression... I always find faces hard to make. I am very impressed with the time and trouble you took writing up the pattern. MiaSelf

sukigirl said...

Thank you Monika!
As your crochet skills improve you can always come back to this pattern.
I know I've done this before with other patterns.

sukigirl said...

Thanks Miaself...I really appreciate the fact that you came back here to try to comment again when you weren't able to the first time.
That was very sweet of you and I really do appreciate it!!
hugs suki

craftylittlemonkey said...

Wonderful! Just fantastic, thanks so much for making the pattern available. I have a hard time reading patterns but will give it a go for my son who adores this comic.
Thanks again, Joy.

sukigirl said...

Your welcome craftylittlemonkey!
And thanks for taking the time to comment. If there is anything that seems unclear let me know and I'll see if I can help.

Rynae said...

Your a genius, I have made amigurumi but just plain a plain bunny and bear this put me to shame, will be tryng this pattern and post some pics.

sukigirl said...

Thanks Rynae...I'm sure your bunny is very sweet!
I can't wait to see your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make a pattern for Calvin?

sukigirl said... I'm afraid there is no Calvin pattern coming from my hands. I've had a few people ask me that. When I made my son's Hobbes I always felt that he was sort of like Calvin. I think that's why he loves the stories so much because he would have loved to have been on those adventures with Hobbes.

Judi said...

Thank you for this pattern. My son is 26 and also loves Calvin & Hobbs. He has ever since he was little. I am making this for him.

sukigirl said...

You're welcome Judi, please let me know when you have finished him :D

Bella said...

Gosh how cute! I'm going to make a hobbes for me... so cutie! Thanks a bunch!

Pradeepa said...

Hi, looks very cute. Thanks for the pattern. Had been looking for it.

sukigirl said...

You're welcome guys....hope you enjoy making him!

Jannett said...

Thank you for posting the pattern, he is adorable... I am going to make him as well. :o)

sukigirl said...

Hi Jannette, I see you are a fellow Ontarian...very cool.
Your blog recipes look absolutely delicious!
Have fun with Hobbes!

Anonymous said...

Mi boyfriend is a huge fan of Calvin and hobbes (and he converted me!). I've wanted since I learnt to crochet to make him a hobbes (I know he would love it), but I knew that I hadn't enought experience to make a good hobbes without pattern right now. I didn't want to buy a hobbes made, because I wanted to make it by myself. So, a really big thank you!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get started on this - just need to buy some orange wool. You said at the start it takes less than a ball of each colour - is that a 50g or 100g ball? thanks!

sukigirl said...

You're both welcome!

Anonymous #1,
glad to hear that you've reached the stage to tackle this project. Just take your time with it and ask if you have any questions.

Anonymous #2, sorry I didn't think about ball size...I used 100g balls for all colours although for the white you could probably use a 50g ball.
I'll add that info in my post.

French Nanny said...

Hobbes looks fantastic!

Kellie said...

Oh my goodness, this is wonderful. I will put him on my to-do list. Thanks so much for sharing such a great pattern.

msfitzita said...

Absolutely FABULOUS!!! I actually gasped when I saw him. Seriously.

cabbie lopez said...

thank you for sharing your work! its very nice!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the comic (own the series), and I fully intend to make Hobbes. I'd like to make Calvin also.

But the best part (aside from the free pattern) is your love story re: you making Hobbes for your adult son. Awesome sauce.

sukigirl said...

Thank you!
When I look at my son's Hobbes all I see is his happiness so I'm so glad that you got that.
That means a lot!
Also you taught me a new expression:
awesome sauce :D

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! My stepmom gave me my first Calvin and Hobbes book when I was 6 years old, and my fiance just bought me the hardback collector's set of ALL the comic strips for Christmas. I am a lifelong fan. I will be making two of these: one for me and one for my stepmom. Thank you.

sukigirl said...

You're welcome!
I've seen those collector's additions online...what a sweet gift!

It's amazing isn't it that there are so many of us who are, as you say, lifelong fans!
I hope Bill Watterson realizes how much his tiger and little boy mean to us.

sukigirl said...

Somehow 2 of my comments didn't show up so just wanted to
say your welcome to cabbie lopez
and also to msfitsita, I love that you gasped when you saw Hobbes!!
That put a smile on my face!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pattern! My Hobbes turned out great! :D

sukigirl said...

That's great!
I'd love to see it, I could link it here if you like :D

Mimi said...

This is amazing! My son is now 21 but he has been a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes...I would like to surprise him with this, maybe for Christmas or his next birthday. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

Anonymous said...

Our family identified with and adore Calvin and Hobbes. This will be great Christmas presents for my guys (it'll take a bit I'll need to do five as my DH will also want one. I'll try to post a group shot later in the year. Off to check on yarn needs.
Thank you,

Nicole said...

so detailed, thank you! very generous of you to share this pattern.

Unknown said...

I'm having trouble with the ears. They're not turning out exactly right. They're coming out round instead of triangular and not flat

sukigirl said...

Sorry for taking so long in replying...I'm on holidays and the WiFi can be inconsistent.
Your very welcome guys....I'm really enjoying hearing your stories of who your making him for!!

rabegirl......think about it this are making a shape that is like half an oval. Take your thumb and press the oval to flatten it and curve it. It should now look like a curved triangle. By making it this way it gives the ear a nicer 3d look to it.
It's hard to just have to dive in.....let me know if this helps.

Mary said...

What are the measurements for the two felt stripes on his head? I'm having difficulty gauging their size from the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Suki for sharing your wonderful pattern. I am a Calvin and Hobbes fan from back to the beginning. I always wondered why there was no animated series and Bill Watterson stopped drawing it? I respect his wishes but am glad you designed a Hobbes for us all to cuddle! I wonder why it took so long for someone to do it? Sheesh, if I'd been using my brain, I would've attemped it sooner. Bless you for being the one! I recently came across a Calvin & Hobbes collection book in a used book shop and bought it immediately! Finding your pattern came close on it's heels. I've got all the head pieces done and am currently in the process of assembling. I hope you don't mind but I made the ears more rounded in shape. Looking at pics in the book, they look more that way to me. My wish for you is that Bill Watterson comes across your blog by a serendipitous route and sees how you have paid homage to his creation!


sukigirl said...

Hi Mary....I won't be able to answer that until tomorrow when I return from vacation which is Sunday.

Shelley, you are so sweet!
Comments like yours makes me so glad that I decided to share this pattern...please share a picture of your Hobbes with me when you are done.
I'll make sure that icheck out his ears too :)

sukigirl said...

Hi Mary...I'm back.
The stripes on mine are 9 cm which is 3 3/4 inches.
You may have to adjust yours since I don't know if you used the same yarn and also your tension could be totally different.
My Hobbes head is 14 cm (5 1/2 inches)measured from the top of his head to his chin not including his ears.
Let me know if that helps you.

M and C said...

Just finished my Hobbes! He looks great!

Thanks again for the pattern, I appreciate the work you put into it, and the generosity to share it - my nephew will love it!

BWilliams said...

Our whole family loves Calvin and Hobbes. My son even made snowmen that look like the ones Calvin made (definitely slowed down the traffic on our street)

Thanks for the pattern. I'm definitely going to make this one.

Megamomster said...

awesome - my newly married 32 year old just asked for a Hobbes last night for my first grandchild which isn't planned for another 2 years. How slow do they think I knit? I have mad him several figures Sack Boy from some computer game and Munch which is the mascot of where he works(38 Studios) and the little monsters in one skein wonders. I love making these little guys - thank you so much for allowing us to follow your pattern. He looks wonderful

Happy Mom said...

I ADORE this pattern!!! I love that you're not charging for it and asking others not to sell the product.

Bill Watterson is a genius with integrity, and your honoring that.

And your pattern is sooo FAB!

Pauline said...

Hello Suki,
I want to thank you for this great pattern!
My son is a fan of Casper and Hobbes, so i take the pattern and gona make it for him.

Greetings from Holland,

sukigirl said...

Thank you all, it's so fun to see all the Hobbes that are being made. And thank you for all the lovely comments!!

Garnet Lese said...

Thank you, I can't wait to try this!

Pauline Lewis said...

Thank you so much for this great pattern !
I've used it to make a Hobbes amigurumi for my boyfriend's birthday - he was thrilled !

I've changed a couple of things and made mine smaller, i've put some pictures on my blog if you're interested in checking it out ! (

Thank you again !

sukigirl said...

I LOVE your Hobbes and I really like the changes that you made,
especially how you embroidered him....well done!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what st and sc r thanks

sukigirl said...

st means stitches and sc means single crochet :-)

Suzanne said...

I do not know how to crochet, but I may have to learn just so that I can make this! Thank you so much for providing a free pattern and asking that no one sell what they create from it-- that is truly in the spirit of Bill Watterson!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pattern it is so great me and my husband love hobbes. He is so gonna love this thank you very much! You are really good at crochting I hope to become good as you someday!

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys...I'm really glad that you both found my pattern.
And thanks anonymous for your sweet compliment, I'm sure that with practice that your crocheting skills will become wicked!

Annie Lynne said...

Thank you soooo much for this pattern! I am in love with Amigurumi and am trying to make my own patterns but I"m finding it difficult (I've only been doing crochet a few weeks now). I can't wait to make him and post up some pictures! is where I will post him and Thank you SO MUCH! I'm actually going to make him for my Mom and my best friend from college :) We're all huge Calvin and Hobbes fans. Now all you need to do is make a crochet pattern for a silver pot to go on his head :)

Thank you so much again!

sukigirl said...

Hi Anne Lynne,
I'm so happy that you found my pattern.
I'll definitely check your site out to see how you are doing.
And thanks for stopping by and saying hi!
cheers suki

Liz said...

I was asked to make this by a friend of mine, so I hopped to it! He was very fun to make and I'm going to be a bit sad parting with him. Thanks for the pattern, and especially for explaining the oval. I've messed with them before, but didn't know what I was doing. Your instructions were wonderful.

sukigirl said...

Thanks Liz,
I thought that it was easier to explain the oval with diagrams so it is nice to hear it worked for you!
Maybe you need to make a Hobbes for yourself sometime in the future :-)

Bec said...

Thanks so much for this fabulous pattern. My ex-husbad introduced me to Calvin & Hobbes 16 years ago and have loved them ever since. I've only been crocheting for a few months but have had to give Hobbes a go as a present for his birthday. I'm sure he'll love it! x

catsmum said...

love the pattern and also that you have made it free in the spirit of Hobbes' creator.

Anonymous said...

Love it. My son and husband love Hobbes. plus my son started school this year and his school mascot is a tiger. PERFECT!!! My thing is to me the tail looks kind of long. I have made all the pieces and have put it together all i have left is to put the tail on it. maybe i put to much stuffing in it. Either way Hobbes will be finished by the end of this weekend. thanks for sharing.

PiePoe said...

My husband saw this pattern while I was browsing through Ravelry softies and fell in love. Now he wants to make two, one for him and one for our boys! :)
Awesome pattern I can't wait to get started.

sukigirl said...

I'm glad to see more people making him!
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment....

MrsAmyS said...

My husband is a HUGE Calvin and Hobbes fan, and when I showed this to him his eyes lit up! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, I can't wait to try it! Finally, something I can crochet him BESIDES a hat and scarf! :) Also, you really inspired me to pick up my crochet needles again and work on my own thank you for that as well!

colormeleah said...

Thank you so much for making this pattern! i have a nephew on the autism spectrum who loves calvin and hobbes and has tried to recreate the comics again and again. finally he can have a "real" hobbes to play with him. i definitely do not have the skills to come up with a pattern myself so I can't thank you enough for sharing this with the world. I cannot wait to surprise him with this for his birthday! thank you so much again! you've made one little boy extremely happy!

sukigirl said...

you're welcome, I know what you mean about gifts for husbands.
I've made a fair number of scarves for mine. lol!

I'm really glad that you'll be making it for your nephew.
It sounds like a perfect present for him which makes me very happy!

Anonymous said...

My son wants me to make him Hobbes for xmas - I have started following your pattern, but the instructions for the muzzle don't seem right to me - the number of stitches makes it the came diameter at the legs and arms, but in the picture - it looks a similar diameter to the head. Could you please advise??
REgards Mum

sukigirl said...

It's made like a tube but it's flattened (think of it as a balloon with no air).
I haven't heard any problems about the muzzle by the people who have finished him.
Hope that helps you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Suki
After reading your reply and looking at the picture for sometime, I think I can see that the muzzle is sewn on the face horizontally is this correct?
Regards Mum

sukigirl said...

That's it!
Sorry, I wish I had told you that too but for some reason I didn't think to mention that.
I'll add that to the instructions just in case someone else has trouble with it.

I hope the oval on the belly is not too hard. A couple of people who have never made an oval have had problems with it.

Ashley said...

You have inspired me to take up crocheting. I have a few questions about this project, though.

How long do you think it would take a beginner to be able to do this? Also, why do you use a smaller hook than called for on the yarn?

I just started yesterday and am still trying to get a handle on tension but I want to thank you again because I am so excited to crochet things! Also, you are amazing for answering everyone's questions and just being so helpful.

Jen said...

Huge Calvin and Hobbes fan (my dad got me hooked on them when i was a little girl.

on a whim i decided to look up a pattern for Hobbes.

The fact that you made this pattern free in the spirit of watterson is a testament to your character.

You are a truly wonderful person. Thank you <3 :D

sukigirl said...

Hi Ashley,
I use a smaller hook so that the stitches are tight enough so that the stuffing doesn't show through.
You should use whatever hook size works for your tension.

It's really difficult to say how long it will take as there are so many variables involved.
I can say that putting it together (sewing all the parts on and making sure his face looks right)
does take longer than you would think, I'm really fussy with this part since I think this is what makes him come alive.
So give yourself a ton of time. Sorry I can't be more specific.
Good luck!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Jen,
I appreciate that!

nicolegunter said...

This pattern is amazing! I can't wait to start on it. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is having a baby boy named Calvin, and I'd like to make this for her. Can you give me an idea of how big it is when finished size wise? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So I've never crocheted anything before in my life - but I want to make this. I'm a college student and have some free time, to do this for somebody who I know will appreciate it. Do you have any suggestions on what to do before I get started? I watched a few videos on youtube and got an idea of how crocheting works, and I'm eager to learn, but it seems to me like crocheting is much more simpler than it initially appears. In any case, what do?

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys,
He is definitely too big for a baby using this yarn (mine is 16 Inches from head to toe, not including his tail).
I'd try a thinner yarn an smaller hook.

As far as being a beginner, I'd work on a smaller beginner project first so that you could practice getting your tension right and consistent, practice your colour changes, working in the round and make sure that you attach everything as smoothly as possible. The individual crochet stitches are not difficult to learn, it's all the rest that makes the difference between a really nice project and one which is sloppily made. Good Luck!

PauRW said...

I'll try it, my boyfriend will love it!, thank you!

Abbie said...

Please, can you explain how to close the head??
I tried this:
but looks awful..


sukigirl said...

Good luck PauRW!

Abbie, that's actually one of the neatest ways to close it.
On the same page she gives a link to 3 other ways to do it.
A lot of times I use the one which involves weaving it through the front loops using a darning needle
so you might want to try that to see if it works better for you.
Also remember that when you sew the head to the body it will cover part of the closure.

J said...

He is absolutely beautiful, you did a wonderful job on him! This pattern is for sure on my Christmas list this year, thank you so much. I'll send you a photo when he's done ; )

Stephanie said...

Thank you for this pattern. I made one for my two year old son because he reminds me of Calvin. He loves it and I am sure they will have many adventures together! :)

Anonymous said...

hello! can i just ask, when you go in rounds, do you use a spiral, or do you join the rounds when you are done?

sukigirl said...

Thanks all for your nice comments.

The pattern is written for spiral but if you feel more comfortable you can easily change it to rounds.
Some people find it easier to get jogless stripes working in the round.
I gave a link in the post for a tutorial for changing colours. There are more techniques online.

Titerin said...

I just want to thank you for sharing this perfect pattern ! I've just finished mine, and even if it doesn't look as great as yours, i'm so in love with it !
So, thank you !

D said...

I finished making my own Hobbes yesterday and sent him off to a friend halfway across the country today. And the minute I said something about Hobbes being sent off, another friend wanted to know why it wasn't being sent to him, so now I'm starting on another one!

I just started working on amigurumi a few weeks ago (though I've been crocheting blankets for about 15 years), and Hobbes was my third project. He was quite a challenge, but this is a fantastic pattern, and I am so pleased that you shared this with us. If you'd like to see photos, I have them on my G+ account at

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Thanx so much for sharing this with people for free :3 <3 my friend and I loved Calvin and Hobbes when we were younger and even now, so Im hoping to make it for her for Christmas :) (hoping because Im still a beginner and it'll likely end up rather blobish :P)

Eleanor said...

Great pattern. I am making this for my nephew who has a bit of Calvin in him. First time crocheting but after some practice, I finally got the stripes (that tutorial really helped).
I am having a bit of trouble with the oval belly. Your diagrams are really helpful, I am just having some trouble with the wording. For Round 1, the 3 increases happen in the same stitch at each end, 6 total right? For Round 2, there are 2 increases at each of the red arrows for a total of 12 increases? Thanks for all your help. Cheers.

sukigirl said...

Thanks all!
Andrea, I had trouble seeing your picture.

Eleanor, each round has only 6 increases. I know that sounds strange if you are a new crocheter.
Keeping the number of increases the same in each row is how you make ovals and circles lay flat.
I'm glad that you tackled this despite being new to crochet. Well done girl!

Unknown said...

I am currently attempting to make this (amazing!) pattern for my boyfriend for Christmas. I am completely new to crochet. It took me about 8 hours of work just to get through a few rows in his head :/ kept losing count, or messing up.
I'm wondering if I have the wrong type of yarn. I was told to buy 100% wool by some ladies at a shop here, but I find that it doesn't look as fluffy and soft as the picture. The yarn I have is nice quality, but its basically three wool strands, and I find I often accidentally catch one while i'm crocheting through.
Any help or advice you can offer to a beginner would be awesome!

I love the pattern and can't wait to get it done. My brother expects one as well, when I figure out how to do it.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really enjoyed tackling this project. Like you, my son (24 yrs old) asked if I could make him one.
I'm attempting the muzzle. I first started to crochet it in the round, but didn't think that was right. I undid that and crocheted it by following directions for a row, coming to the end, chain 1 then flip to begin the 2nd row (makes sense?)
I now see on the blog, that you mentioned it should be cylindrical - so it will be a flat tube?
Thank you so much for this pattern. This is Hobbes as he should be!


Kiwi said...

^_^ I'm making one of these for a coworker of mine, did you stuff the tail? <3 ty again for sharing this pattern, it's adorable so far!

sukigirl said...

Wool works fine but I would have suggested an acrylic since it is a little easier for a beginner (at least that was true for me). I used lion brand Vanna's choice from Michaels.
I do think three strands can be a pain especially for a beginner since you have to be so careful of catching all three.
So I guess what I'm saying in the long run it might be worth switching your yarn and saving your nice wool until you get a little more experience.
Hope that helps and I hope you get the hang of it...cheers

sukigirl said...

Yes it is a flat cylinder that has no stuffing in it.
Thanks for your nice comment and good luck!

sukigirl said...

I lightly stuffed the tail so that it could bend.
I'm glad it's working out for you!

cerotrace said...

awesome job, the pattern looks really long, but i'll attempt to make it for my nephew :) i'll link it on ravelry when i finish

Anonymous said...

Thank you so, so much for sharing this pattern. I'm pretty new to crocheting, so I was wondering if you had any additional pictures of Hobbes you could share? I think seeing additional angles would really help me understand the construction more. Again, thanks for the pattern. I can only hope my Hobbes turns out half as well as yours.

sukigirl said...

Hi cerotrace,
It's probably long since I haven't written many patterns.
I'll check out your finished tiger on Ravelry.

sorry Hobbes doesn't live with me anymore.
Are you on If not you should join because a lot of people have posted their pics there,
plus it's just the coolest place! (Not sure if there is still a waiting list).

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was so excited to find this pattern. I am making a Hobbes for my brother for the holidays.

I had a quick question about the stripe technique. Are we meant to do the slip stitch etc. every time we come around to a new row, or only when we change colors? I hope that makes sense...

And thank you so much for all your hard work on this, and for sharing it with us! You're awesome!

sukigirl said...

Hi Rachel,
I made my Hobbes completely in rounds (chain 1 at the beginning and slip stitch at end of each round).
Don't count chain as a stitch.
I personally think he looks better if you continue working in rounds even in the non-striped areas.

Crocheters are known for their rebellious ways, so if you find a different way of making him that works for you, go for it!

Rebecca and Lori said...

This is amazing, and you are awesome, especially for respecting the original artist's wishes. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hello again...
I am sorry to keep pestering you with questions, but I am struggling so I thought I would ask.

I have been following the tutorial for stripes, but my stripes are still coming out uneven. I was wondering, is this because I was working in spirals and not rows while doing my increases, then started the rows? Is there a way to get around this?

Obviously, I have never done stripes before x_x. Thank you again!

sukigirl said...

Hi Rachel,
when you say your stripes are uneven are you talking about the stripes on the head or the body?
I'm guessing you mean the head and that the stripes are slanting and may give a slightly uneven look?
I've never switched from spirals to rounds but I'm guessing that may have caused your rounds to slant slightly .

Sorry that you are having a lot of problems. Hobbes is not a beginners project and I think that is why you are struggling.
The stripes on the body is also challenging since it can be difficult to get jogless stripes (no bump where the round ends).

I'm not sure what to say. Normally I would say start over and maybe practice some of these techniques out on smaller projects but I'm guessing you really want to get this done before Xmas. Is there any way you can look at this Hobbes as a slightly imperfect tiger but made with a lot of love?
Or is it better for you to start over and take it slowly knowing it probably won't be finished this year. Let me know what you decide.

Anonymous said...

I figured it out! For some reason when you said prior that you did Hobbes all in rounds, I translated this into only doing rounds once I had done my increases. I have no idea why I thought this, but the brain is a mysterious thing. When you answered my second post, you made me realize that I had to do rounds from the beginning. I started again, and everything came out beautifully. So thank you sooo much. And I apologize for my very silly mistake. heh.
I actually did a marathon of crochet, and finished my Hobbes, and gave it to my brother, who was really really happy. So thanks again for posting this pattern. It's great that you shared this bit of happy with us. :)
Sorry for the long post!

sukigirl said...

Hi Rachel, no need to apologize.
I've had my share of duh moments. LOL!
I'm just happy that it all worked out in the end.

Amy Lynn said...

Such a great great pattern! Thank you for sharing it! I just got finished with a Hobbes for a friend of mine. Since she's not happy with how she crochets, she asked me to make it for her.

Anonymous said...

A million "thank-you's" to you!! This is such a spot on Hobbes doll, superb work!

sukigirl said...

Amy Lynn,
you did a great job and your a nice friend to make Hobbes for her! Have a great holiday....suki

Anonymous....A million 'your welcome's) back at you.
I appreciate your comment!.......suki

Anonymous said...

I made him!! Thank you so much for this amazing pattern. My big brother (26yo) loved his Christmas present and says he will have to be Calvin and Hobbes for the next several Halloweens, and that his Hobbes will be a family Heirloom! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the only thing I would change to the pattern (I realized after I already made it the way your pattern says) is to make the tail start with a longer portion of Black. This would be closer to the few drawings I've seen.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I will be making him for my husband, for his birthday. He is a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes.. Thank you for sharing..

Mel said...

Thanks for the pattern! I too made this for a friend. She asked for one for her 2 yr old and she loves it.

This was my first attempt at a stuffed toy. It was a learning curve but boy do I feel better about my color change skill!

Here is my Hobbes:

Christin said...

Hello, I made Hobbes for one of my best friends for Christmas. He was SO happy. Here's a picture of the finished Hobbes.
Thank you so very much for creating this pattern and sharing it. It's awesome. It was my first attempt at making a stuffed animal and I had so much fun working on it!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for making this pattern. I made one for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. Here's a picture of my finished product:

Thanks again!

sukigirl said...

Thanks everyone for sending me your photos of Hobbes, they are all so great!

Dianne said...

I just finished my first Hobbes as a gift for a friend. He is absolutely adorable. I think I will be making some more for friends ! Thank you so much for the pattern ! Dianne

Sarahsaurus said...

Hello! I love this pattern so much, I am currently attempting to make Hobbes for my husband. This may sound like a silly question but what do you mean when you say [1sc into the 1st sc, 2 sc into the next sc] 6 times (18 st), Do you mean that you do 1sc in first sc then 2 in the rest? Or am I getting it confused.

Thanks in advanced.


sukigirl said...

Dianne, your very welcome.
I appreciate you taking the time to thank me.

Sarah, the [ ] brackets means that whatever is inside the brackets will be repeated a number of times. In this case it will be 6 times.
So here you would make 1 sc into the first stitch then 2 into next, then 1 into next then 2 into next, then 1 into next then 2 into next...etc.
You are increasing every other stitch resulting in 18 stitches at the end of that row
Hope that helps you...let me know.
cheers suki

Sarahsaurus said...

Thanks so much Suki! I eventually figured that out last night at 1am :P
I am having alot of trouble with the yarn knotting when I try to undo a stich! Also how tightly do you crochet as I am thinking that I may be crocheting to tightly.


judy said...

This is awesome!!! I have been looking for a Hobbes to surprise my daughter when she has bladder reconstruction surgery in May. She is in need of a kidney transplat in the future and this surgery will "buy" her more kidney time for now. She is 10 and has read every Calvin and Hobbes book - over and over. I don't crochet but plan to send you plans to a friend of my moms. Maybe she can "help" me out! Thanks!

obnursesherri said...

Like so many others above, I can't thank you enough for this. I've been a fan of C & H and now my children are fans. I look forward to making several of these little guys for the kids in my family.

Do you have any more pics of him? I'd love to see the back side of him. I'm a visual learner and I'm trying to piece it together :)

Thank you so very much for this wonderful pattern. Watterson would be proud! You've made Hobbes come to life!


sukigirl said...

Sarah, glad it worked out for you.
As far as how tightly you crochet (tension); you need to crochet tightly enough so that the stuffing won't show through. New crocheters tend to crochet very tightly. The yarn can also affect how easily you can unravel it. 'Hairy yarn' can be very difficult.

Judy, I'm glad that you found someone to help make one for your daughter. I wish your daughter only the best with her health issues!!

Sherri, I don't have any more pics of him. You can check the links that commentators have posted. There are also a lot of Hobbes pics posted by others at

Thanks guys...suki

Melissa said...

This pattern was amazing! I cannot thank you enough!! Even though I am a beginner, I was able to follow it pretty easily and the results were fantastic! I sent you an email with a picture but will also post it on ravelry.

Unknown said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this pattern. Here is my first finished Hobbes:!/photo.php?fbid=2739606692941&set=a.1064880745839.2013077.1340633716&type=1&theater

I have a second one that is almost done, and it is going to be a gift for a friend many miles away who adores Calvin and Hobbes as much as I do!

Eleanor said...

Thank you so much for the great pattern and the fantastic help throughout my first crochet project. I finally finished Hobbes!
Love love love and can't wait to give him to my nephew. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Found you from Pinterest. Thank you SO MUCH for the free Hobbes pattern! Calvin and Hobbes was my daughter's favorite cartoon as she was growing up...I hope to make this soon. What a kind gesture to all of us who loved it and to his author's legacy.

Mickey said...

All I can say is this warms my heart.

Marci said...

I saw this pattern a while back, and I simply can't get over how absolutely adorable he is! My dad got me hooked on Calvin and Hobbes when I was a little girl, and I've always loved Hobbes. Your pattern is absolutely perfect- he looks just like the stuffed animal in the comics! I keep trying to find an excuse to make this, but seeing as half my bed is already occupied by crocheted stuffed animals I've made (and this is a twin bed at college, mind you, so no space for me!) I don't really feel justified making him for me. Maybe my dad's birthday!

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate all your comments and love seeing pics!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited to have found this pattern! My brother and my best friend's fiance are huge fans of Bill Watterson's work, and both respect his refusal to merchandise his work. I'm working on Hobbes' last arm and have a question about finishing him up (which is coming soon!). I want to get the placement of his appendages right so he comes to life. Any guidance on where to sew on his arms and legs would be much appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to write out this pattern. I'm sure this won't be the only Hobbes I make!

sukigirl said...

I placed his arms slightly lower than his neck so that he has the appearance of shoulders.
I put his legs on slightly towards the front of his body so that he could sit.
I suggest that you pin everything on before sewing and then make small adjustments until he looks right to you.
Also check out
there are a ton of photos posted by people who made him.

Anonymous said...

I am SO looking forward to making this as a gift for my grandson's first Christmas. My daughter will love it too...Calvin and Hobbes was a part of her growing-up years with her dad, who passed away from liver cancer. I will totally respect this as a wonderful gift to give to both of them. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suki -
Thanks for the pattern! I am totally new to crocheting, but I thought I would give this one a try. I've got everything done, but I am now stuck on the oval belly band. I think I understand the general concept, but I am having some trouble with the numbers you gave. In the first round, we start off with a chain of 16 and then increase by 2 at the end. Then you say to rotate the work around and Sc 13 then increase by 1 at the end. This part doesn't make sense to me because the amount of Sc you're doing doesn't add up to the original 16 (you make 13 Sc and then in the 14th you increase by 1.. what happened to the last 2?)
Sorry if this is a silly question, but it really has me stumped. Thanks so much for any advice!!

sukigirl said...

Hi, the numbers are right, let me try to explain.
What you are doing during the first part is making 14 sc and then an increase at the first end.
When you rotate your work you will be crocheting toward the OTHER end so you will be moving away from them. All you will be working on is those 14 sc that you made.
If this is hard to understand I would suggest that you google how to make an oval and that might help you.

Els from Belgium said...

Yes I made it! He is realy adorable! I made him for my own, but my son will have him... I want to show you some pictures, but I don't know how. And I'am looking foor someone who can write better in English so I can tell you more about the work in progres.

Thank You verry much for the pattren!!!

Anonymous said...

I just finished this pattern for my grandma's birthday present she will love it, the only thing i changed is i made the tail seven strips long instead of 13, i love it but there aint on way id sell it, too much work for that. oh, i also crocheted the felt pieces. i didnt have any felt so i crocheted everything. its a great pattern and u are very talented

GalFromAway said...

I just discovered this pattern on the Offbeat Home website -

And I can't wait to give it a try! Have to learn how to better make cylinders and do round patterns, but very excited to try to make this lovely toy.

Thank you for sharing it. :)

Anonymous said...

I just have a quick question; I'm almost finished with my Hobbes, do you recommend closing up the arms and legs before attaching them to the body, or leaving them open where I fastened off?

Thank you for the pattern, it's been really fun to make!

sukigirl said...

Glad to see that you guys are having fun with my pattern.

Anon...I always keep the arms and legs open before attaching although I haven't tried it any other way.

AZJess said...

My MIL made this for us because she knows we love Calvin and Hobbes. She was my inspiration to start crocheting and continues to amaze me with what she can do. We have all of the single books and then also the collector's edition. :D I actually have Calvin and Hobbes tattoos because I feel the ideas represented in Watterson's comics are things we all can remember in day to day life. Thank you for your contribution and creativity!! :) - Jess

Kay Qy said...

Hi, this is really impressive, I might make it for the friend who linked me. I'm a little confused about how the muzzle works, though: is it basically a cylinder that gets smooshed flat and then sewn sideways onto the head?

Thanks for making this pattern available. :D

sukigirl said...

Hi Jess,
It sounds like you are a huge C&H fan....I'm so glad that your MIL made him for you guys!

Hi Kay,
Yes the muzzle is a cylinder flattened and attached sideways. It isn't stuffed.

cheers suki

Mandy said...

OMG! He is adorable! I loved C&H as a kid (Bc my Dad did) and my son just started reading the stories and loves them too. I can't wait to make him as an Easter present. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You are such an artist. I am seriously contemplating making this, but I am not sure that I am talented enough. I tried the link for the stripe tutorial but could not access the site. Could you give us the url address.

Again, thank you so very much for your generosity in sharing this pattern.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the freeness of this! I have a nephew named Calvin, and all the way back when I learned his name I couldn't help but want to give him something Hobbes. Now I can. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend was absolutely surprised and thrilled to receive Hobbes as a gift. Thank you so much for the free pattern. He was fun and fairly easy to make. I posted photos of him to my tumblr (with your site linked).

Many thanks,

WishBearly said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this pattern! I made it for a friend of mine at work, and he loved it. Your pattern was really easy to follow. Thanks again!

sukigirl said...

Thanks everyone for posting your comments...I appreciate them all!

the url of the stripe tutorial is
Hope that helps

NykoKnits said...

Calvin and Hobbes got me thru middle school, just sayin'... This made me smile and remember :) Will DEFINETLEY be making this!!!! (NO selling, of course!) Thanks a ton! :D

With_Love, Amy said...

Hi, i would love to thank you for doing this! My six month anniversary for my boyfriend is coming up in about a month and he loves calvin and hobbes!

I would love to make this for him! I was wondering if maybe you could recommend a site for beginners? I can knit but I'm completely clueless when it comes to crocheting! lol I have no idea what your directions mean!

Would you say this is doable in under 1 and a half months and for a complete beginnier?

Thank you!!! Hobbes really does look true to his nature!

Ginny said...

Great website! Thank you for sharing instructions for Hobbes. You are nice!

sukigirl said...

Your welcome guys!
Amy, I learned from a book but I do know that YouTube has a lot of great videos that might help you.

Lyn Mox said...

When you are attaching the arms and legs, do you keep them round or do you fold them in half or oval when you attach?

sukigirl said...

Lyn Mox...I kept mine in the round and lightly stuffed that area so that it could bend.

Lyn Mox said...

One more question. Sorry! I am on the last part - the head - left it for last, which I actually recommend since it is confusing me. 10-11 make 16sc in orange and the 32 in black and row 12 work even in orange.
Wouldn't this give you two blacks to make the usual 2 thickness of a stripe and only 1 total stripe of orange. All of the pictures look as if there are 2 black rows (32 stitches each) and 2 full orange rows but I do not think that is how I am reading this? I am so confused. Help! Thanks!

sukigirl said...

Hi Lyn, sorry that I'm so slow getting back to you but I've been pouring concrete for a new porch so I'm not spending much time on the computer.
The head stripes are 2 rows of black and only one row of orange.
Not sure why they may look different to you. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I am beyond excited about this pattern! I have a bunch of extra yarn from a baby blanket/hat/bootie set I'm making for a friend, and found this! I am actually making a pink and green Hobbes for her now and am so stoked! I am self taught and not the greatest, and this pattern is so easy to follow it's rediculous. I'm already half way done with his head, and it's turning out just adorable. Thank you so much for your mad ninja crochet skills!

Anonymous said...

Calvin and Hobbes is my all-time-favourite comic. I never would have dared to expect a pattern for creating a Hobbes.
Thank you so much!
I can't wait to make him, just to see whether he comes alive once we are alone!

Tita said...

I may be getting in WAY over my head, but I'm gonna try to make this for the Hubby. He LOOOVES Calvin & Hobbes. My materials are now in the mail!

Thank you SO much for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to make this by Christmas as a present for my grandson, Calvin. It looks difficult, and I don't know if I can do it, but I sure am going to give it my best try. Thanks for posting the pattern.

Rachel said...

This pattern has inspired me to try amigurumi! I promised my brother a crochet gift for Christmas, and he LOVES Calvin & Hobbes. Your detailing is spot-on, and thank you for sharing this lovely pattern!

Lynda said...

I saw the pic on Pinterest and knew I'd have to seek you out so I can make a Hobbes for me! Thank you for sharing your pattern, Life and fun is for sharing, I will point others in the direction of your page. I do have a craft stall, but I promise- no Hobbes !
love and peace

Kimberly said...

Hi, thanks for the pattern. My friends shared a link with me to a plush Hobbes for which the makers were charging $99. It was on her "never-could-you-afford-this-but-I-want-it-and-thought-you-would-too list." $99, ridiculous. So I looked online for a pattern. I spent all week making it, and am going to give it to her for her birthday. Thanks for the great pattern and your generosity in sharing it.

shadowlight said...

I've had this in my Ravelry que for some time, now, but was afraid to venture into stuffed animal making. I have since crocheted my first stuffed animal (a bunny) and I'm hooked! My husband and daughter love Calvin and Hobbes and I hope to crochet your pattern for my daughter for Christmas. Thank you very much for making it available to us.

God bless...
shadowligh/aka ladyfernaco on ravelry

Unknown said...

This may be a duplicate post. If so i appologize. Thank you for this darling pattern. Im making this for my grand daughter. I have a question that I didn't see posted. What does "work even" for row 9 mean?

sukigirl said...

Hi Guys, sorry that I've been so busy that I haven't thanked you for your comments but I really do appreciate them and also seeing your finished Hobbes.

Karen, working even means no increases or decreases are made so in this case it would means sc in each stitch. A hint: always check the number of stitches you should have at the end of each row. The stitch count hasn't changed from the row before. I still check stitch counts when I crochet patterns so I can catch any mistakes that I might make.
Good luck and cheers

Unknown said...

One more questions. When there is not a stitch number next to the instruction "Work even" how many sc are needed? (For example in round 26)
Thanks again for your help!

sukigirl said...

Hi Karen, At the end of round 25 you will have 30 stitches.
Round 26 says work even which means you work one sc into each stitch so you will end up with 30 stitches at the end that row too.

Anonymous said...

I love your interpretation of Hobbes, and so does my son, we've been fans of Bill Watterson's work for 14 years and will continue to show our respect for both of you by keeping Hobbes strictly in the family and loving him dearly. Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

I just finished making Hobbs! He's awesome! I wanted to give him to my husband for a Christmas present but I don't know if I can wait that long. Thanks soooo much for the pattern!

Tiffanie said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I can't wait to make one for my daughters. Im going out to buy the right colors today.

Tiptop said...

I finished Hobbes late last night, and I love him! I used beanies at the ends of the arms and legs, and body, and closed his appendages with a draw string before sewing them on to give him that free-range quality. Absolutely AWESOME, well written pattern. My hats off to you.

Heather - said...

He's so cute... I might save him for this winter when I will for sure want a crochet project to work on! Pinned.

Meegan said...

We went to my son's open house when he was in first grade. Mike's teacher asked us how Calvin was doing..we told her we were Mike's parents, and she told us that Mike told the class that we always called him Calvin, so they should too. Everyone in the first grade called him Calvin. He is DEFINITELY getting this for Christmas! And he made the snowment, too.
Thank you for sharing so generously!

Jessica said...

I created this to give to a very young cousin of mine. I'm also giving him a few of my old calvin and hobbes books to enjoy. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I really appreciate it.

sukigirl said...

Thanks so much for the nice's great to see so many of you making him for your loved ones!!

Greg said...

I made this for my coworker. She's having a baby this week and I wanted her 2 year old to have something to curb the jealousy of a new kid on the block!


Thanks so much!

Julia said...

I am confused with the decreasing in the head. I'm not sure if the sc decreases are supposed to be attached or no? please let me know

Cortney said...

I just love this pattern! I'm going to make one for my husband- a life-long Hobbes fan. Can you tell me which specific colors you used? I have to order yarn on-line, since we don't live close to any place with quality yarn. Thanks!!

sukigirl said...

Greg, love your Hobbes!!

Julia, I'm not sure what you mean by attached. They are basic decreases.

Cortney, I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Solids and twists. The three colours are terracotta, white and black.

Brittany said...

Thank you for sharing!!! I am still new to the crochet and knitting field. So far the only recognizable thing I have made is a Christmas stocking. But this is my motivation. I have it bookmarked for the future. It will be my "New years resolution". (Yes, it will probably take me that long, I am that bad! haha!)

BunnyFooFoo said...

Hey Sukigirl!

I could not be more grateful for the are so generous! I really appreciate how spot on your Hobbes is. I feel like its important to capture that.

I made this adorableness for my nephew Calvin who is turning 1 (well it really is more for his parents who love Calvin and Hobbes so much they named their son Calvin, let's be honest!) I could not resist doing a photo shoot with him the moment he was finished with my own adorable son who has always reminded me of Calvin. I hope you enjoy the pictures because we will be enjoying the fruits of your labor for a long time to come.

Here is Cirdan and Hobbes!


sukigirl said...

Hi Brittany, when I first started crocheting I tackled big projects the same way as you step at a time without trying to rush it. Good luck...suki

sukigirl said...

Hi Heather, I adore your photo with your son and Hobbes!
Thank you so much for sharing them!
cheers suki

Anonymous said...

I have a twin brother and we always thought of ourselves like Calvin and Hobbes, we both absolutely love them. I will be making this for him to add to his full collection of the comics. Thank you so much! -Mimi

torfina said...

I love this pattern. My son wants one, but I am a knitter.
I can't find a knit pattern that looks this good. If anyone knows of a knit pattern, please let me know.
thanks, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hi Sukigirl
I love your hobbbes pattern. I have started to make it and im on the muzzle now and am having problems with it. am i suppose to crochet back and forth or crochet in the round. but if i crochet in the round it is not shaped like your muzzle is in the picture. I need help please. this is for my friends daughter.:)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Mimi....I hope your brother loves him!

Anonymous, you are supposed to crochet in the round.
When you are finished crocheting the muzzle you flatten it and then it will look like a muzzle.

Mackena said...

I am so thrilled at this pattern! I am a huge C&H fan and love your conviction to not allow commercialization as Mr. Watterson wished. Thank you so much for this! You have no idea how excited I am!

Foxycrafts said...

He's adorable! Thank you so much for sharing him with us. It is very much appreciated.

Love Joan xx

Anonymous said...

Here's my attempt, thank you so much for sharing the pattern! Have a very happy, big 'Calvin' in the house now :)

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