Tuesday, August 31, 2010

scrappy stool cover

Top of stool cover made in crochet
I've been looking for a small stool that was just
the right size for my husband to put his feet on.
I found one on the curb that was
 a bit torn but was the perfect height.
 I originally planned to sew a cover for it
but I've been looking for ways to
use up my stash yarn so that is when
I decided to crochet this cover.

The centre part is the free pattern
called Sunburst granny by Priscilla Hewitt.
I continued working double crochet in rounds,
adjusting the fit as I went which was sometimes
difficult because my cat pounced on top of it
each time I tested to see if it fit.

I made 2 rows of each colour and when I reached
the edge I continued making double crochet but
with no increases.
I also worked the first row that went over the edge
into the back loops only so it would fold over nicely.

Here is a picture showing a peek at the stool
and also to show how it is removable so
that it can be washed.
crochet stool cover

Monday, August 2, 2010

stool wip

stool wip
Originally uploaded by sukigirl74
Playing around with colours...not sure if the last blue will
work but it will be easy enough to rip out if not.
More details when finished.

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