Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hobbes has learned to speak Danish

Hobbes made from my original English pattern
I always knew that Hobbes was a clever tiger
but I never knew he spoke Danish.
Actually he had some help from Marianne Topping.

Marianne came to me a while back wanting
to translate my pattern into Danish so that
she could share it with her facebook group.
I am pleased to host it here.
Her group crochets an animal each month
and Hobbes is their pick for February.
Check out their group here
for pics of their projects
including Hobbes.
Also you can see what Marianne
is up to 

I can't wait to see all the little Danish Hobbes!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Granny is keeping warm

 For Christmas  I wanted to make
a hot water bottle cosy for my daughter-in-law.
I bought
 a pattern by Millionbells on Ravelry
 because of the way the grannies
were laid out on the diagonal.
But as I worked on the pattern I soon discovered that there was
no opening to remove the bottle.
 Having a cosy that was removable was important
to me because I didn't want to end up
with a wet cosy every time I filled it.

Unfortunately adding an opening to the pattern
 would be difficult because of the layout
of the grannies.
Believe me I tried.
 So I decided to make up my own pattern
using the same squares that I had already made from pattern.
Hot water bottle cosy

For the opening I went with a long zipper
 that wrapped around three sides.
This made it easy to insert or
remove the bottle without stretching
the cosy out of shape.

Hot water bottle cosy with zippered opening

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Xmas ornaments love red cups

xmas ornaments nestled in bed
One thing that I really hate about Christmas
 is putting all the ornaments away.
Unlike the tree trimming part there is no party 
with family and food.
There's just me and the cat and a lot of tissue paper.
I wrap the paper around the ornaments 
and put them away in boxes.
She jumps into the boxes and tears apart the tissue paper.

But this year, thanks to Pinterest 
I did something different.

xmas ornaments

First I glued a bunch of red cups 
to the bottom of a plastic tote.
Then I filled them up with ornaments,
putting a delicate one in each 
followed by a couple of soft ones to cushion it.
I also stuck in some of the pre-torn 
tissue paper (thanks kitty).
I made a second layer using cardboard 
as the base.

It was ridiculously simple and hassle free.

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