Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crocheting potholders/hotpads

Crochet hotpads and potholders

A couple of these will be sacrificed to the
coffee gods...they will be used as 
cleanup cloths.

 But the large ruffled one will be spared.
ruffled potholder

I can't bring myself to use it.
I had such fun making it and love the 
colours in it.
It has a great vintage feel about it.
This picture shows the lacy base.
Lacy base for ruffled potholder

Here is a shot of the back
after the ruffles are added.

Back of ruffled potholder
You can see how the rows are
made in zig zags.
I followed 
on the Royal Sisters' blog.

The patterns for the purple and brown
ones came from
This is really a wonderful book with
lots of great, quick patterns.
I adapted 
to make the pink hexagon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A garland of crochet flowers for my chandelier

There is still a lot of snow on the ground
on this lovely Valentine's Day.
So I brought some spring into the house
in the form of crochet flowers.

Chandelier with garland of crochet flowers

A garland of flowers

Here is the free pattern
on Ravelry.
When I made it
it was only in German here
free German pattern.
It took me a while to figure
it out since google translate
doesn't include translation for
crochet stitches.
But it was a fun challenge.

You can make this garland as long
or as short as you like.
The flowers are made first and then
added as you make the vines and leaves.
It's the type of project you really
don't have to concentrate a lot on.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm in love with my Barista

I'm also sleeping with him.
(okay....he is also my husband.)
We both love going to coffee houses so a few years back
he decided to buy an espresso machine for home.
It's a semi-automatic and produces
the most wonderful espressos
and cappuccinos.
So for Valentines Day I'm
making him some cloths to use
for clean up.
He doesn't care if they are cute
or not....they just need to be functional.
But that doesn't mean I can't have fun.
Grey potholder for hubby
This first one was so easy to make.
It is basically an open mesh with
strips of crochet woven in.

potholders in progress
I actually made it first with a white mesh
but changed my mind and made the grey version.

These next two are my favourites.
The are made in a lovely vintage cotton
that I found at the thrift store.
These I'm going to keep for myself.
vintage style potholders
I'm working on a few more so
will post those soon.

One glove syndrome? No way!

I'm determined to finish the pair.
 But I will take a wee break for a few days
to make some quick projects with heavier yarn.
Left glove finished

This hasn't been blocked yet
so it's a bit wobbly.
I'll make the buttonhole later when
the second one is finished.

I must admit that I'm getting quicker
at jacquard crochet although
my tension is still uneven.
Practice hasn't made perfect
but it has made it easier.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the Hare

I haven't been able to start 
making a bunny to celebrate 
the Chinese Year of the Hare.
I promised myself that I could
only work on 2 projects at a time.
Since the New Year has officially started
  I'll post my bunny projects
that I've made in the past for now.

A bunny rattle
 crocheted Bunny rattle

A vintage-style bunny
vintage bunny

An Ugly Bunny

Day 1: Ugly Bunny pincushion

Crochet Max from the Wild Things

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