Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free knit and Crochet patterns

I'm the administrator for a great group
over on Flickr called
where members
post their projects along with the
links to the free patterns.

It's a great resource.
Right now we have over 2500
of some of the coolest projects.
Some are perfect when you want
a little instant gratification.
Others take longer, but the results
are so beautiful
that it is well worth it.

Check it out...grab some patterns,
and make something!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comparing crocheted and knitted baby booties

I've never made the same project before
in both a knitted and crocheted version.

But these booties came in both
so it was interesting to compare them.

This isn't a totally fair comparison
the knitted did get an unfair advantage by
getting the better yarn and
the smaller size.
I''ll take that into consideration.

Crocheted version
Baby boy booties for Sebastian
Knitted version
Saartje's booties

I think if they were both made with identical yarn
and identical sizes
then they would be EQUAL in cuteness.
The knitted version was made with
some lovely soft wool in a smaller size
while the crocheted one was a test run made
with acrylic in a larger size.

The crocheted version gets big points for no seam
up the back. It looks better and is much faster to make.
I think this is the biggest difference between these two patterns.

The big advantage for the knitted version
is that

the knitted version was free while
the crochet version cost $5.95 (US)

The knitted one stretched more because
of the stocking st.

This could be seen as a plus or minus depending
how closely the fit matches the baby's feet.
This was an advantage for me because it turns out that
the baby had bigger than average feet.
Not sure if there is a downside to this stretchiness.
So the winner?
Both have advantages and disadvantages so
it really comes down to personal choice.
For me, it's the crochet version because
I can't knit that well and I'm willing to pay
for the advantage of seamless.

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