Monday, June 15, 2009

How to crochet Eve from Wall-e

I wanted to see if I could come up with
a pattern for Eve.
She is actually quite simple to make;
she basically has an egg-shaped body and
a squished sphere for a head.
This is what I came up with,
she is 4 1/2 inches small.

Crochet Wall-e


-White worsted weight yarn and hook
-blue embroidery floss plus needle
-black felt
-polyfil for stuffing
I worked her in spirals and marked the beginning of each row with a marker.

Work 6 sc into magic ring. (6)
Round 1: 2 sc in each stitch (12)
Round 2: *2 sc in first st, sc in next st* repeat (18)
Round 3: *
2 sc in first st, sc in next 2*repeat (24)
Round 4: *2 sc in first st, sc in next 3* repeat (30)
Round 5:
*2 sc in first st, sc in next 4* repeat (36)
Round 6: sc in each stitch (36)
Round 7: * sc dec in first, sc in next 4* repeat (30)
Round 8:
* sc dec in first, sc in next 3* repeat (24)
Round 9: * sc dec in first, sc in next 2* repeat (18)
Round 10:
* sc dec in first, sc in next * repeat (12)
Fasten off leaving a long tail.
Stuff firmly with polyfil

Work 6 sc into magic ring. (6)
Round 1: 2 sc in each stitch (12)
Round 2: *2 sc in first st, sc in next st* repeat (18)
Round 3: *
2 sc in first st, sc in next 2*repeat (24)
Round 4: *2 sc in first st, sc in next 3* repeat (30)
Rounds 5-10: sc in each stitch (30)
Round 11: * sc dec in first, sc in next 3* repeat (24)
Round 12: * sc dec in first, sc in next 2* repeat (18)
Round 13: sc in each stitch (18)
Stuff firmly with polyfil
Round 14:
* sc dec in first, sc in next * repeat (12)
Round 15: sc in each stitch (12)
Round 16: sc dec in each stitch (6)
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Arms: Make 2
Again you are working in rounds.
-Try not to work your stitches too tightly especially at the beginning
since you are only working into a small ring of stitches.
It will get easier as you go.
-Make sure you use a marker to mark your first stitch (moving it each row).
- Check your stitch count after EACH row (shown in brackets).

Work 3 sc into magic ring. (3 st)
Round 1: 2 sc in first st, sc in next, 2 sc in last st (5 st)
Round 2: sc in first, * 2 sc in next, sc in next * repeat from*to* twice (7 st)
Round 3: 2 sc in first, sc in next 5, 2 sc in last. (9 st)
Rounds 4-7: sc in each (9 st)
Round 8: sc dec in first stitch, sc in next 2, sc dec in next, sc in last 3 (7 st)
Fasten off and leave a long tail. Stuff lightly to form an arm shape.

Using picture as a guide cut out a faceplate in the black felt.
If your felt is thin then cut two faceplates and sew them together using a blanket stitch.
Embroider eyes using blue floss: I used a backstitch to outline and then satin stitch to fill in.

Using black thread
sew on faceplate to head.
Sew head onto body then arms onto body.
If you find her arms stick out from her body too much
put a couple of stitches a bit lower from her shoulder into her body.
I attached fishing line to hang her because I didn't want to change her shape
just to make her stand.

Please note that all content and images are mine and are protected by

I love to share my patterns but, as usual, please do not claim them as your own or publish my patterns in any way are more than welcome to link to it. Do not sell any items made from this pattern. Also I ask that you credit me as the designer when posting your pics of any items you make.


Anonymous said...


Camping Kid said...

This is fabulous, I saw your entry on Ravelry. My daughter (age 3) is in love with Eve and would love one of these but I don't crochet:-(

Catriona Palin said...

Thats awesome!
I'm definetly going to give it a go...thanks for sharing the pattern :)

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys!
I got a ton of interest on this pattern but it means so much more when someone takes the time to comment. I really appreciate that!

Mette (Mettuska) said...

It was our dog who destroyied my yarn :D How lovely Eve you have made!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Mette, I knew cat's loved yarn but I had no idea that a dog would even go near it. But, then again, dog's seem to get into all sorts of trouble LOL!

Unknown said...

Awesome!!!! I'll pop a link up on my blog.

sukigirl said...

Thanks so much Shoveling Ferret, I really appreciate that!

Lisa said...

I'm going to make one for my son as a surprise. He's going to love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

Lavinia said...

Thanks for sharing the pattern, it´s lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I love your eve pattern. It's so cute.On the arm what is row 2.It seems that you missed putting Row 2 of the pattern on your blog

sukigirl said...

Sorry poohbear...there is no missing row, I just forgot to change the numbers of the rows themselves during my final edit. I fixed the row numbers now.
Thanks for catching that and please let me know how it goes.

pj said...

That is absolutely darling! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I'm definitely going to add her to my Ravelry Quueue

Tanya/TiggerRD said...

My daughter will LOVE this - thanks!!!

sukigirl said...

Thank you pj and Tanya,
I'm so glad that you both like her and I hope to see both of yours when you are finished!

sukigirl said...

Sorry Lisa and Lavinia, I thought that I had given you guys a proper thank you for your comments...I really do appreciate the fact that you took the time to leave a comment!

Kathleen Wallace: Student Teaching 2012 said...

Fantastic Job! I am a beginning crocheter (literally two weeks) and this pattern really tested my skills... but I enjoyed it! It could be my lack of experience, but I needed to cut out rows 14-16 on Eve's body because I ran out of room after row 13 and I had to stuff the body. So far it looks fine, but it will be a little different from yours. (aka. not as good.) :D Thanks so much for letting us try out this pattern!

sukigirl said...

Kathleen, I'm quite impressed that you were able to make her with only a couple of weeks experience.

Eve's body should be stuffed after row 13 otherwise the opening will be too small. I'm not sure why you had trouble with the last 3 rows, they are there to close her body up but if you found a different way to do it then that's great.
When I am making a project from someone else's pattern I almost always change it up a bit.

CLM Photography said...

Thanks so much for the great pattern! I just finished making this for my daughter this afternoon. She loves it and is currently sleeping with it ;)

Thanks a bunch! now on to the Wall-E one!

Here is a link to my photo:

sukigirl said...

CLM...your Eve came out so sweet!
I love seeing little Eves pop up all over the place.
Good luck on making Wall-e, he takes a little more time but the designer did a great job making up the pattern.
And thanks for leaving me a comment, I really appreciate it!

Anagodino said...

Hi sukigirl, I'd like to translate your pattern into Spanish and perhaps to publish it on my new site (it isn't on line yet) . Of course I'll link your web and I'll give you the translation if you want it... ¿are you OK? thank you

sukigirl said...

Hi Anita, I'm glad that you like my pattern but I'd like to keep my pattern solely on my site so that I have more control over it.
I do have a language translater on my site so people already have the option to use that if they wish to.
Thanks for your understanding...suki

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - love this! Well done - she's so cute.

sukigirl said...

Thanks PaisleyJade,
Glad that you like her!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! Eve came out so great I Love it im sure my daughters will love it too! Thanks again!

sukigirl said...

Your welcome.
I hope your daughters enjoy her!

Go Crochet!!! said...


will be in list to be made
Thank you very much!! ^^

Kate At Home Mom said...

My daughters LOVE Wall-E and Eve and this is going to be well-loved! Thanks for sharing your pattern, you've made two toddlers (and their mum) very happy =)

Cat said...

Thanks for posting this pattern! i made an Eve of my own quite a while ago. I recently started a blog for my creative output, and Eve is on it. Ofc with a link to your pattern :)
I think she'll make it in our nerdy themed christmas tree this year! (we have eve and Yoda, but also dinosaur baubles- how cool is that?!)

sukigirl said...

Glad to see that there are a bunch of new Eves showing up under and on the Chtistmas tree!!

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias, es precioso, me pongo a tejerlo ya =))

pilaretamis said...

es muy bonito

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm putting together a little mini-directory (as a post on my blog) of free Disney patterns, and when I saw this I immediately had to link to it there! But I was wondering, would you mind if I put your picture of Eve next to the link? Many thanks,

sukigirl said...

Your welcome anonymous and Pilar!

Prajina, thank you for asking my permission, yes you can include my picture with my link in your blog post.

Anonymous said...

Lindo!!!obrigado por compartilhar conosco o pap...vou fazer um pra mim!!!bj

Unknown said...

I love Eve and Wall-e
I must make this beautifull Eve for my grandchildren.
I will use cotton, it is nicer to chew on :-)

Thank you so much for takin your time to share with all of us.

I like to get lost too. Right now I'm lost in to new babies <3

sukigirl said...

You're welcome BJ...glad you like the pattern!

Hi Jonni, cotton yarn is definitely a good choice for little ones. You are very lucky to have grandbabies...I really look forward to the day when I have them :-)

cheers suki

Nathieleein said...

Hey, I really love your Eve! I want my grandma to make me one for christmas, but she doesn't understand english, so I have to translate to her... But I never chrochet, so I don't know the meanings of "sc" and "dec" ... �� I hope you will answer my question and maybe my grandma will do this cute Eve well ♡

sukigirl said...

Hi Nathieleein,
sc means single crochet,
dec means you decrease. I would suggest that you go to and search both 'single crochet' and 'single crochet decrease'. Then your grandmother can see exactly how to make both of these.

If there are other terms she doesn't understand just search those too on youtube.

You might want to try to learn how to crochet too. I didn't have anyone to teach me how to crochet so I learned using a library book. But I think youtube is great because it's like someone is sitting with you teaching you.
Good luck....suki

Nathieleein said...

Oh thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I made one for fun..thank you

Unknown said...

Thank you so much. My child loves Wall-e. This was a easy pattern to follow & mine came out great!!!! Do you have a pattern for Wall-e???

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys!

Sarah, sorry I don't have a pattern for Wall-e but I'd highly recommend this free one by Miahandcrafter.

I wish it was around when I made mine (sorry I didn't copy mine down)
because hers is so much easier to make than the way I made mine.
She also makes some amazing other amigurumi which she offers for free!
Glad you enjoyed making Eve...cheers

Pat's Place said...

Hello, i have a question.
May i translate your free patterns in to dutch patterns for my own website especialy for (free)dutch patterns. Ofcourse i link your Original patterns. Greetings Patricia

sukigirl said...

Hi Patricia, I'm glad you like my pattern for Eve.

I'm asked a lot if I allow people to post their translations of my patterns on their sites.
I prefer to have all translations kept on my own site since I feel that my patterns are almost like my children and I don't want to let them go even if they are dressed up differently.

If that is of interest to you please let me know.
I give full credit to the translator and also like to highlight some of their own work (with links to their blog).

Thanks again and take care.....suki

Unknown said...

ITS SO CUTE! Suki! I just found you on the internet and I Love your work! Thank you for being such a kind soul to share your patterns!

sukigirl said...

Your welcome!
I know I appreciate it when patterns are shared freely.
cheers suki

Unknown said...

i came across this pattern and i can't wait to try it out!! thank you for sharing this :3
one thing though: i see that your Eve is 4 1/2 inches small, and your Wall-E is 2 1/2 inches high. is there anything i can adjust in order to make them the same size? :D thanks!!

sukigirl said...

If you want to make Eve smaller you could crochet her with a thinner yarn.
It would also make her skinnier so not sure how that would look.
You would have to play around a bit to get them the same size.

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