Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A free crochet owl pattern

First Marcie Nishioka posted a pattern on how to knit a ball on Ravelry.
Then some knitters turned those balls into a parliament of owls in sweaters... first by doctorhectic and then by others such as dubb, KimberlyPye, Anniepurls and arc.
All of them are adorable!

So I decided to make one in crochet and share the pattern with you.
My pattern is untested so please let me know if you find mistakes.

Mine is 2 1/2 inches in diameter; I used a 5 mm hook and worsted weight yarn.
I worked mine in a spiral and used a marker to mark the beginning of each round, moving it up with each round.
(In Row 2 you will start in the first stitch of Row 1 which joins the ring).

Row 1: In magic ring crochet sc 6. (6st)
Row 2: *2sc in each st* repeat until end. (12 st)
Row 3: *2sc in first st, sc in next st*
repeat until end (18 st)
Row 4: *2sc in first st, sc in next 2 st* repeat until end (24 st)
Row 5:
*2sc in first st, sc in next 3 st* repeat until end (30 st)
Rows 6-7: sc in each stitch (30 st)
Row 8: *sc decrease, sc in next 3 st*
repeat until end (24 st)
Row 9:
*sc decrease, sc in next 2 st* repeat until end(18 st)
Row 10:
*sc decrease, sc in next st* repeat until end(12 st)
Stuff firmly
Row 11:
*sc decrease* repeat until end (6 st)
Finish off and sew seam closed with tail yarn.
Add buttons for eyes and embroidery or sew on felt for nose.

Sweater pattern
Repeat body rows 1-4 (after row 4 you will have 24 st)
Rows 5-11: sc even (24 st)
Row 12:
*sc decrease, sc in next 2 st* repeat until end (18 st)
Finish off and weave in thread.

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Nena3110 said...

It is so sweet!

~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

He is just too cute I will have to try to make him...

Dr. Hectic said...

Nice one! I haven't picked up the crochet habit yet, but it does seem perfect for this project...CONGRATULATIONS!

Dr. Hectic said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot, now try the octopus!

Anonymous said...

I think he is adorable. I plan to try crocheting him shortly.

Salihan said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing the pattern and the other links too! ^_^

Nena3110 said...

Imas mali poklon na mom blogu!
I have a present for you, on my blog!

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate all the lovely comments!

Nena, thank you so much for the lovely award!

luluvision said...

thanks for sharing the pattern! I'm going to try to make him today!

sukigirl said...

Thanks lulu, I can't wait to see it!

And if anyone makes one, please let me know...I'd love to see it!

Mette (Mettuska) said...

Thank you for your nice komment =) What a cute owl you have crocheted!

Anonymous said...

Oh! This owl is adorable!
And the one in the nxt post too!
But this one... just like it's watching you )

Kellie said...

Oh my goodness this is so cute! Hoot hoot! I am going to have to make one for my girls!

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys!
Aluajala, I just realized that I didn't say thank you here although I did leave a comment on your blog at the time...still no excuse.
Thank you so much for the comment. I loved seeing all the lovely owls from Russia and of course your crochet!

Kellie, thanks so much. I hope your girls will like him/her. I actually made another sweater for him but never took a picture. I guess you could make a whole wardrobe if you really wanted to LOL!

SAPRI said...

Great idea! Its so sweet!
I tried it and linked you here:

Greetings from Germany

sukigirl said...

Sapri, your wee owl is so cute.
Makes me want to make some more for myself.
cheers suki

Nafisa Crishna said...


Thanks for posting this pattern. Tried it last night and it's just ADORABLE!!! Its my first amigurumi project, and needless to say, it was just the encouragement I needed!

I haven't put it up on my blog yet, but I will in due course, and definitely credit you for it!

Thanks so much once again,

- nafcrishna

Di said...

When do u change yarn color? I cldnt figure it out from ur instructions. Thanks!

sukigirl said...

Hi Di,
Sorry I'm late getting back to you.
There are no colour changes.
This is because you make 2 pieces.
One is the owl part which is done all in cream.
The second piece is the sweater part and is made in brown.
Of course you don't have to use the same colours as I have.
I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have more questions.
cheers suki

sukigirl said...

Hi Nafisa,
I'm glad that you were able to make a wee owl.
My first project was a mouse and my cat used to play with it all the time.
My cat is gone but I still have the mouse and it brings back nice memories.
cheers suki

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