Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to make wee crochet clothes

I hope you have fun making these clothes.
Little crochet clothes

All of the patterns are made in the round and are
unjoined (worked in spirals).
Let me know if you have any problems with the instructions
as they have not been tested.
Please let me know if you make any.
If you want to make the bag click here.

Clothespeg bag

The dress on the right is made in worsted weight
and the one on the left is made with sock yarn.
The skirt and the top are about 1 inch tall,
the pants and sundresses are all 2 1/2 inches tall.

Dress pattern:
Worsted weight and size 5.5 mm hook.
Work in rounds and use a marker to keep track of rounds
I made this in 2 sections, top and skirt.
This makes it is easy to also crochet the tops and bottoms as separate pieces.

Top part: (starting at waist)
Ch 13, sl st to form a ring.
Rounds 1 to 3: sc each round.
Bind off.
Make 2 straps by ch 7 and attach them to the top

(by sewing or sl st)
Or you can not bind off and sl st to the point where you want the straps and then work them directly on the top. Whatever works best for you.

Skirt part:
Flip top upside down and attach yarn with sl st to the waist.
Rounds 1 to 2: Sc each round
Rounds 3 to 5: Sc around but increase 1 st on each 'side' of skirt to cause it to flair.
(I put a safety pin on each side and when I got to it I worked 2 sc into a st.)
Bind off.

Red skirt with grey edging:The main skirt is worked in a DK weight (Zara)
and the grey edging is closer to a sock weight. I used a 4.mm hook)

Using red yarn Ch 19, sl st to form ring,
Rounds 1 to 3: sc each round
Rounds 4 to 8: sc each round but increase 1 st at each side to cause it to flair.
Bind off.
Edging: Attach grey yarn to skirt hem with a sl st.
Work pattern [skip next st, 5 hdc in next st, skip next st, sl st in next]
working the last sl st into first st. Bind off.

Skirt pattern: (not pictured)
( worsted weight)
Ch13, sl st to form a ring.
Work rounds 1 to 5 of dress pattern (skirt part).

Pants pattern
(I used sock weight yarn and size 4.mm hook)

Starting at waist:
Ch 18, sl st to form ring
Rounds 1 to 5: sc each round.Round 6: First pant leg...this is completely worked first, then you will reattach the yarn to make the second leg.
Sc in the next 8 st, then work next sc into the first sc of this round to form a ring.
Leave the other 8 stitches unworked for now.
Rounds 7 and up:Continue working in rounds until you reach the length that you want. For the last 2 rounds I increased a stitch on each side so that it would flair out like bell bottoms.
Bind off
Reattach for second pantleg and work the same as first.

I also made a second
dress using sock yarn with a hook size of 4.mm
I used the same pattern but added extra rows. Sorry I didn't keep track of the number, I just added extra until it looked right using the dress made out of worsted as a guide.
Grey top:
I used Marci Senders' great pattern and adjusted
the template so that the sides would flair.
Working in ends:
You don't need to take much time with the ends, I quickly secured the ends on the inside and cut them to a short length so they wouldn't be seen.

Please note that all content and images are mine and are protected by
I love to share my patterns but, as usual, please do not claim them as your own or publish my patterns on your site without my permission ....you are more than welcome to link to it. Do not sell any items made from this pattern. Also I ask that you credit me as the designer when posting your pics of any items you make.


coltpixy said...

They are so darn adorable! I still say they would be perfect for a doll house.

coltpixy said...

You have been tagged. Check my blog for details http://coltpixy.com/ then post 7 random things about you.

Craft Matters said...

What gorgeous little clothes! Lovely pattern. :)

Thanks so much for leaving a comment round at my blog.

coltpixy said...

You've received a blog award... http://coltpixy.com/2009/06/one-lovely-blog-award.html

sukigirl said...

CP, thanks for the tag and the lovely award...you're so sweet!

Thanks Craft Matters, I love reading about your crochet and sewing and the lovely swaps that you have been involved in.

Jen said...

Thanks for Posting these instructions. I'm going to make a garland to hang on my country tree that I have in my laundry room. I was thinking of sewing them but came across your post and thought what a great way to use all of that scrap yarn.

sukigirl said...

Your welcome Jen...
You must have a nice laundry room to have space for a tree, mine is so small and cramped.
I think a garland of clothes would look look wonderful!
Thanks for your nice comment :0)

Unknown said...

My 4 year old granddaughter asked for a miniature doll and clothes for Christmas...thank you for these instructions, I think I can make them work nicely!

sukigirl said...

Your welcome Wendy...
I love that you are adapting them in order to make clothes for a miniature doll. I never would have thought of that. I'd love to see a pic when you are finished!
cheers suki

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