Friday, December 17, 2010

Marie Claire Idees.....inspiration

I'm always thrilled when I can find this magazine
since it is so difficult to find here.
I love these yarn related projects
especially the chandelier.

wreath made with cotton, buttons, cloth, and snaps
This lovely wreath is made with cotton cord, 
buttons, cloth, snaps and other
sewing supplies.

pot sweaters with spring plants

These pots look wonderful decked out in
their knitted covers.

Chairs with kntted covers and motifs

I can only imagine how nice it would
be to sit outside on these chairs 
sipping hot chocolate.
birdhouse covered in knit and edged in crochet
How lucky are the birds that live in this house!

Outside chandelier wrapped in yarn and embellished with crocheted flowers

Last but certainly not least
check out this chandelier.
I may have to adapt this idea to 
my bedroom light.


Nena3110 said...

Very nice, I like everything.
Greetings from Belgrade!

Allison said...

Wonderful inspiration here! I love the chairs and the birdhouse. Very sweet.

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