Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year and new things to try

Every year I make the same resolution.
And every year I keep it.
It's simply to try new things.
Yes I know this doesn't sound
particularly earth shattering.
But I say or type this statement
every year as a type of mantra.
It focuses me, it challenges me.
It forces me to seek,
each and every day,
ways that I can fulfill this
promise to myself.

You'd be surprised how many
little opportunities are out there.
When you are driving home, take
a different route,
talk to the person next to you
when you're in a line-up.
(I found a great new yarn shop
who taught advanced crochet classes).
Read something you normally
wouldn't read, eat something
you have never tried.
The possibilities are endless.

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