Friday, May 1, 2009

A wee pair of booties

I've had these made for a while but I could never
get a good picture.
Well the sun came out today
along with a few spring flowers
so here they are.

These are the famous Saartje's booties
(click link for the free pattern).
I didn't put buttons on mine, instead I crocheted
little leaves and sewed the straps down.
I knit the larger size but they are
still only 3 inches in length and I'm really
hoping that they fit my niece's baby girl.
I chose green because it is my niece's
favourite colour and also at the time
she was still pregnant and didn't know
the sex of the baby.

I used a sock yarn called Sisu which is
80% wool and 20% nylon.
I picked it because I love these greens
and also because it was really
reasonably priced.

Like others I didn't like all the ends
that had to be woven in
and I think there must be a million
different interpretations of how to
make the straps, but the end result
was well worth it.


Nena3110 said...

Oh, how sweet they are!
No coment!

coltpixy said...

They are precious! Love the color.

sukigirl said...

Thanks Nena and coltpixy!

It was satisfying making these because they came out pretty close to what I thought they'd look like.

Allyson said...

Looks great! Any kid would be stylin' in those!

(don't have a blogger account, but my knitting/food blog is here:

intothedawn said...

Those are soooooo sweet! They look wonderful!

Salihan said...

Clever idea with the leaves closure! Very nice! ^_^ Btw, I had a hard time with the straps too. So fiddly!

sukigirl said...

Thanks everyone!

Allyson, thanks for your link to your blog, I've added it to my Google reader and I'm looking forward to following it!

Dawn, I still can't get over your Hero and Shadow panels, amazing!

Salihan, I didn't realize that you had made them...did you post about them?

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