Friday, June 5, 2009

a boy with a dinosaur suit (times 2)

I have the cutest neighbours.
Finn is 2 years old and his brother Leif is 4 years old

They often stick their heads out their window and have a little chat with me.

Today for example I learned from his brother that 2 year old Finn was in trouble because he had started saying the F word and the X word (I don't know the X one but since they are Finnish maybe it is something that they picked up from their dad.)
I stopped myself from laughing... it was hard to picture the F word coming out of that sweet child's mouth.

They both love dinosaurs and Halloween and I've been wanting to crochet them something for a while. I finally saw this wonderful pattern by Owlish and knew that it would be perfect.

Dinosaur brothers

I made 2 'brothers', one slightly smaller, both with their initials on the bottom of their feet so that they don't mix them up.
I gave it to them today and was rewarded with big smiles.
I probably should have waited until Finn wasn't being punished but that is the advantage of being a neighbour and not a mother to them.


coltpixy said...

Those are just too cute! What a cool neighbor you are to make them for the boys.

Shoveling Ferret said...

These are adorable. And I agree - you're a fabulous neighbor.

FireFoxKatan's Stardust Creations said...

I love these guys and all of her patterns! You are indeed a great neighbor, I wish you lived next to me when I was growing up <3 hehe

sukigirl said...

Thanks guys!

FFKatan, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but the comment box wasn't working. Just wanted to say how cute your earphone whale did a great job on him!

Mette aka mettuska said...

Oh gosh, they sure are cute! I believe that the boys were really happy to get those =) And they are Finnish boys, how nice =D

sukigirl said...

Yes they are from Finland like you which I also think is so cool!
Thanks Mette :0)

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