Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A vintage style crochet bunny

For a long time I've had an image of a bunny
in my head that I've wanted to make .
It has floppy ears, arms and legs,
so that a little girl could easily grab it
and carry it around.

I came across a pattern very close to it,
this is the result.

It's not exactly the same as the bunny
in my head but he's pretty close.
When I completely finished him I
couldn't figure out why I wasn't happy with him.

That's when I realized the reason.
It was because my imaginary
bunny was a girl and although I
tried, there was no way this guy
wanted to be transformed into a girl.
He did, however, keep his wee granny
square scarf in pink and purple.

Maybe someday I'll make
a female version but for now
he'll do.
The pattern came from a book
called Vintage Crochet by
Susan Cropper.
The errata, which includes
the entire pattern
is here


Mette aka mettuska said...

So cute! Nice job!

Annie in Cali said...

Seems like some long eyelashes embroidered on the face would do the trick to turn him into her.

Jana said...

Hi. I wrote a post on your beginner coffee mug cozy earlier tonight, but thought you probably won't see it! Also, I didn't leave any way for you to contact me! Duh! I have a question! Row 8 ends with ch8, then row 9 BEGINS with ch2! do I just ch 10 at the end of row 8 and proceed? I want to make these for new teachers coming in a few days, so a quick response would be OH so appreciated! :D I am on Ravelry as saudistitcher
my blog: (which is acting up lately!) http://saudistitcher.blogspot.com

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