Friday, July 30, 2010

Crocheting using a knitting pattern

 I borrowed Susan Anderson's cute book
Itty-Bitty Nursery from the library
and fell in love with her cute
pacifier clips.
I knew that there was no way that I could knit
them but I wondered if I could crochet them
using the pattern as a guide.
I chose the elephant because it's cute but
also because it is made up of simple shapes.
This is how it turned out.

I started by substituting a single crochet 
for the knit stitches.
This worked well and even the gauge
came out the same.
Then I tried a couple of ways to handle the
increases/decreases, none worked.
Each resulted in incorrect stitch counts.

So what I did instead was
I looked at the stitch count at the end of each row.
and made the number of increases/decreases
necessary to get the right number of stitches.
I then spread out the increases and decreases 
as evenly as possible in each row. 

Obviously if you are comfortable with 
knitting a small toy on DPNs then that's
the way to go.
But I'm not so I'm glad that,
at least as far as this pattern is concerned,
I was able to produce a decent crocheted clone!


intothedawn said...

OMG, that is ADORABLE! You did a great job of converting knit to crochet, I'd never know it wasn't a crochet pattern to begin with!

Sarah Jones said...

So so cute Ann! It looks wonderful crocheted :) I wish my daughter was younger and I had an excuse to make this for her! WAIT... my friends just had babies :D YES!!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Dawn and Sarah!
I'm looking at knitting patterns in a totally different way now. I have an idea for another pattern to try but I first want to work on some other projects.

Sarah, wasn't that nice of your friends to have babies so that you could crochet for them LOL!

Nena3110 said...

Everything you make is very beautiful.
I like new look of your blog!

sukigirl said...

Hi sorry I didn't thank you earlier...I swore that I did...must be old age creeping in.
I have had a lot of fun playing with the changes to my blog.
I hope all is well with you....suki

Ms Muffin said...

This is so cute!!! Awesome job!

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