Friday, November 5, 2010

Help!......anyone know how to make these lovely thrift store coasters?

Look at those lovely flowers all held together
with what looks like simple knots.
But how are they done and what is the technique called?
I'd love to know!

thrift coasters

I flipped the orange one over so that you could see how it is tied together.


Ann said...

How cute! If you do find out how to make them, could you post instructions or a link? Thanks!

Ann said...

Actually, I used my Google-fu to do some research, and as far as I can tell they were woven on a hexagon lap loom.

Charmed Life said...

Wow...this is a blast from the past. When I was a child, my dad had made this square frame for me with nails on all 4 sides. First, you would wrap yarn back and forth around all of the a loom mentioned in an earlier comment. Then, you woud take a needle and thread and wrap the strands of yarn at each intersection. Once done, you'd slip the piece off the nails...and this is what you would have. I do not know if that is the best explanation, but hopefully it helps.

Charmed Life said...

Further to my earlier comment. I found this link that actually sells the looms and shows what I was talking about.
Good luck!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Ann!!
How did you ever figure that out...and so fast!
I just spent a couple of minutes googling images, I think I'll do another post with more info on it.
Thanks again!

sukigirl said...

Thank you Charmed Life!
That is so cool that your dad made you one.
Do you have any idea how your dad knew how to make one?
I guess they were being sold at the time and that he went from that. I'd love to make one.
Also if you don't mind me long ago would that have been ( I promise I won't guess your age by your answer :)
That link is perfect! explains everything.

You guys have been so helpful!

sukigirl said...

I found this video that also shows how to wrap and tie it.

DaikerDiva said...

okay, a little late - but I have a square loom that you can use to make ones similar to this - and then I took mine, granny-squared around, and made a blanket! very fun. A lot of hours all told, but the loom made a nice waiting-for-my-ride project.

You can see a picture at Ravelry:

sukigirl said...

I can see that there's a lot of work involved in that blanket!
It's hard to tell from the picture but does it have that same pattern of flowers in it?
Thanks for posting....:D

Kathryn Draconna said...

I had one of the looms used to make these. Unfortunately they were a plastic product and did not survive the years of use. They came in a kit with instructions on how to make the "coasters" you found at the thrift store, though they were not necessarily coasters. There were also instructions on how to sew them together to make blankets and other large projects out of these same hexagon pieces. If you look on Ebay and other sites you can find the looms, though they may not be cheap.

sukigirl said...

Thanks Kathryn,
I haven't thought about this post in a long time so it was nice
to come back to it.
I can't imagine making a blanket..far too much work for me but I
really admire people who have made themm.

Some of the links don't work any longer but I did find that the
keywords when searching for tutorials is BUTTERFLY LOOMS.
For example this shows how to tie the flowers.
I also notice quite a few people made their own looms.
cheers suki

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