Friday, March 2, 2012

fish to sushi amigurumi

Everyone seems to love sushi.
My youngest son and his girlfriend
would eat it daily if they could 
so when I saw this pattern
it made sense that I make it for them.
fish to sushi amigurumi
But this sushi and fish are slightly different.
Inside the fish is a sushi, they actually transform. 
Cute eh?
 Here is a pic of the sushi in the middle of 
fish to sushi amigurumi

Click here for the free patten.
 I found that making the pieces themselves were easy,
but putting them together was a bit fiddly.
Also it's not easy to push the sushi into
the fish and vice versa.  
You really have to put some effort into it.
But it's such a unique pattern
that I think it was well worth the effort.

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Юлия Швец said...

Очень хорошие работы!

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