Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mr. Postmouse's Round

I bought 2 of these books for my nieces. 
Mr. Postmouse's Rounds by Marianne Dubuc
It is about a Postmouse who delivers packages
to different animals.
The houses that each animal lives in are adorable.
And if you look closely at each page then
you can spot hidden references to fairy tales.

I chose this book, not only because was interesting,
but also because it gave me an excuse to make
the main character.
2 mice with inspiration book

photo bomb


coltpixy said...

They are so adorable! I bet they love them.

sukigirl said...

The first thing they did was tuck them under their arm and wander off.
When they were distracted the adults and passed them around. I think they brought the 'child' out in everyone!

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