Monday, March 19, 2018

A Little Panda called Lola

I am so happy with this little bear!

I made her from this wonderful book
by Yan Schenkel
She is only 6 inches tall.
The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn
which would have made her 9 1/2 inches
but I really wanted a smaller panda
so I used a sport weight.

She looked a little strange when
she was only partially made.

But she was transformed when I added her
eyes, ears and arms.
And since she was born in the winter
I decided to make her a cosy scarf.
Come summer I might have to
make her this cute little skirt.


coltpixy said...

She is so adorable!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Star,
I'm working on another pattern from the same book.

Disneypal said...

So cute!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Disneypal, I had lots of fun making her!

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