Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The pain of double pointed needles

I know when to quit and
count my losses.
It's not like I didn't give
dpns a fair shot.
My first sock went relatively
well and it was great
having my mum here helping me.

Today I sat myself down to
what I thought would be a nice
quiet morning working
on the second sock.
But I soon came to the realization
that working with those needles
was making me hate knitting.

So I am formally banishing them.


coltpixy said...

:^( I feel your pain. Never used double pointed needles but have discovered that I did not like working with other tools.

sukigirl said...

Yeah, I guess we can't be friends with all things in this world. That day I almost threw them in the garbage and the only reason I didn't was because they were made of bamboo and cost me a bit. I don't hate them quite as much today but they will still be shoved into a drawer to see if they can play nicer if I ever decide to bring them out.

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