Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beginner's Knitted Sock

This is my second knitted project
(first was a washcloth)..
Maintaining even tension on the edges of
the DPN's were difficult but since this is
my first try I think I did well enough.
The second sock is on hold until I make
some swap items.
Hopefully I don't forget everything
that I learned!

Usually I learn a craft by reading books
so it was nice learning this with my mum
(she was visiting when I did this
and acted as my backup!)
Thanks Mum!


coltpixy said...

I love the colors in it!

Elissa said...

i am IMPRESSED! you took on a sock for your second project? i think i am knitting impaired! tried to teach myself last winter (rather jealous that you had someone to sit with you, i think i learn much better that way) but i totally screwed up the scarf that i was vaguely attempting... adding a stitch each row! i gave up for "awhile" after that.... maybe this year ;-)

ironik said...

wow! i like them a lot! too good for a 'first' project! (mums are always better than books, i had learnt how to crochet&knit from my grandma :))

sukigirl said...

Thank you CP, it's also lovely yarn to work with.

Elissa, I'm sorry I didn't thank you earlier for your lovely comment.
You are so right, sooo much easier to learn from a person, especially a mum! I think you just have to be in the right frame of mind to learn knitting. The time will come when you can tackle that scarf again!

Ironik, thank you so much!
Aren't you lucky that you have that lovely memory of learning from your grandma! That is something that I missed out on.

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