Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Patchwork Comforter

[Originally uploaded by
Heath & the B.L.T boys]

I came across this on flickr

and it brought a flood of memories back to me!

It is from the Better Homes & Gardens Patchwork & Quilting Book of 1977.

I'm pretty sure my sister and I saw this article years earlier published
in their magazine and as soon as we
saw it we knew we had to make one for mum.

Ours was made from crazy shades of green
week after week, we secretly worked on it
at my sister's apartment
which was above a small grocery store.
I'm surprised that we even finished ours on time
because of course it took so much longer
we ever expected but we stuck with it
until it was finished.

I'm not sure how much my mum actually liked the
look of the comforter itself but we thought it
was the coolest thing we had ever done!

I have no idea what happened to it,
I don't even have a picture of it
but the memory of making it with my
sister still remains clear!

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