Monday, August 11, 2008

WIP capelet

This is the first garment
that I have ever tackled in crochet.

I found the free pattern on Craftster through Ravelry
and so far I am loving it.

It is totally beginner friendly and really easy
to adapt to your own size.

In fact I randomly pulled out the biggest hook (N)
that I had and some pale green worsted yarn
from my stash just to see if
I could figure out the pattern.

I really expected it to be way off in the sizing and
that I would frog it back

but so far it is fitting me beautifully!
(In the picture the one side is just pulled
down lower....the sides are
in reality even.)


coltpixy said...

That is going to be so beautiful! It does not look like a beginner project but I will take your word for it. ;)

sukigirl said...

Thank you Star!
I really hope that I haven't jinxed this project LOL!

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