Sunday, August 3, 2008

Birds of a Feather


Birds are on my mind, and in my house.

A few weeks back I had my back door
open, enjoying the warm weather when 2 large robins decided to fly in and visit me.
You have no idea how big robins actually are until you
have them flapping around your a blind panic, tossing themselves against walls and windows.

My two dogs, happy that their master had provided them with a fun new game
started to bark and lunge at them.
That put me into full panic mode!
I did eventually manage to
get my canines out and away from the birds.

I decided to stay in the next room to let the robins settle
down and after a few moments one even perched on the back of my comfy chair.
For a few minutes we each sat perfectly still, content to just look at one another.
It was a perfect moment.
After a while I looked over to see
what robin #2 was up to.
I could see it quietly sitting on the window sill and then I happened to glance
over to see my cat, who I had totally forgotten about,
staring at it, in full hunting mode.

To make a long story short, my high-pitched shriek somehow got my cat to retreat and the robins eventually found their way back out through the door.

No I didn't think to get my camera, but that image of the robin sitting
on the back of my favourite chair watching me is one that I won't ever forget.
I've been thinking of somehow
creating that moment in fabric.
But for now here are some lovely birds from some very talented crafters
...who knows what stories led to their creations!


coltpixy said...

Adorable crafts!
*Wondering if you are planning a crochet panel of yourself as a little girl in a chair eye to eye with a robin.

Here is another bird craft pic for you, an adorable apron

sukigirl said...

For this one I was thinking of trying a small quilted square. I think that the robin sitting on the chair could look lovely. It would have to be fairly simple since I haven't quilted before.
I never thought about putting little ann with the chair...I love that idea, thank you!

I have a sketch done for another project where I am going to embroider her. I just need to get the materials for it.

Love that apron! Two of my favourite things together!
Thanks for all your comments here Star...I really appreciate your support!

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