Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life lessons from a dog

It's a hot August day today and the air conditioning is cranking away and I start to think of winter.
It's usually the other way around, when I'm sick and tired of shoveling the snow and trying not to skid my car on icy roads....that I think ahead to sunshine and heat.
Stupid, isn't it, not to be able to live in the moment!

I think I could learn some life lessons from my
beautiful border collie/lab mix.
Her name is Comet and she is the sweetest dog that I've ever met!
She is the type of dog who will turn down food for affection and she greets visitors by leaning her whole
body into them..her version of a body hug.

During the warmer months she sits out on the
cool grass for hours watching birds fly
and bugs crawl..she seems fascinated
by nature.

In the winter, no matter how cold it is
she tears across the fresh snow , dipping her nose
as she goes, breathing in life.

She is teaching me to breathe in life!

1 comment:

coltpixy said...

She is beautiful.
It is funny how we are focusing on the same thing, living in the moment. That is the same lesson I have been learning from my dogs.

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