Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marie Claire Idees spring 2009


The spring issue is in my hot little hands and, as always, gives me a chance to practice my French.
I particularly love their take on owls.
This lovely was created using a paper mache technique, so simple yet so sweet.


Look at these...a small owl made of felt hitches a ride on the back of a scarf;
smooth pebbles get a lick of paint to form a parliament of owls and
a small loaf of owl bread is cooling off on a kitchen table waiting for the kids to wake up.



Nena3110 said...

What a nice ideas! I must try to makesomething.

sukigirl said...

Hi Nena,
Every time I get a new issue of this magazine I want to make something but it always just lands on my to-do list and never gets done :0)

intothedawn said...

I love the little painted owl stones, those are cute, cute, cute.

Looking at those pages shows me its been way too long since I've had French... I can get the "jist" of whats being said, but too many unfamiliar words anymore... *sigh*

Grenadine Girl said...

Oh I'm soooo jealous!!!! I can't find a copy anywhere!!!!

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