Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Year Anniversary

To celebrate my first year of blogging I made cakes.

No, not the sweet sticky kind...... I made yarn cakes.
I bought myself a wool winder and have been winding all my bits and bobs of yarn.

I first saw cakes of yarn at my knitting class and loved how they looked. But they are also practical.
They are stackable (how cool is that!) and because of the centre pull there is no fighting with tangles.

Plus I no longer have to chase my yarn around while I crochet or knit.
Unlike my dog, they sit obediently in one spot.


coltpixy said...

Very cool tool! You know how I love tools. :^)

Anonymous said...

Ive been wanting to purchase a ball winder. That is definatly a great way to celebrate 1 year.

Salihan said...

I've wanted to buy a ball winder for ages now. Look at all your pretty cakes. Congrats on your first blog birthday!

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