Monday, October 19, 2009

Have you seen a teacosy like this before?

Originally uploaded by sukigirl74

Isn't this a beautiful tea cosy!
I really wish that I could take credit
for making it .
I bought it at a small garage sale put on
by a group of lovely older Polish women.
I'd be curious to know how old
it is and if there is a pattern for it
floating out there somewhere.

It is crocheted with loops pulled through
and as you can see,
is made with the most glorious colours!
The flowers are simply made
from loops of yarn tied in the middle
and are laid on a bed of pale green yarn.

If you've seen one like this
I'd love to hear about it.


Diana Jiron Graff said...

It is so colourful and pretty! what a great day to star your day

sukigirl said...

Thank you Diana, yes it's especially cheerful in the dead of winter when there is so little colour around.

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