Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crocheting potholders/hotpads

Crochet hotpads and potholders

A couple of these will be sacrificed to the
coffee gods...they will be used as 
cleanup cloths.

 But the large ruffled one will be spared.
ruffled potholder

I can't bring myself to use it.
I had such fun making it and love the 
colours in it.
It has a great vintage feel about it.
This picture shows the lacy base.
Lacy base for ruffled potholder

Here is a shot of the back
after the ruffles are added.

Back of ruffled potholder
You can see how the rows are
made in zig zags.
I followed 
on the Royal Sisters' blog.

The patterns for the purple and brown
ones came from
This is really a wonderful book with
lots of great, quick patterns.
I adapted 
to make the pink hexagon.



Hi dear, thank you for visiting my blog and I loved her crochet work,
Kisses ..... Sandra Coatti

sukigirl said...

Thank you Sandra...it was lovely visiting your blog, you have so many wonderful patterns.

Kellie said...

Beautiful work. I love your color choices, especially on the ruffly hotpad.

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Oh how lovely these are! How lucky are the coffee gods! ;-) I think they will be much pleased with the sacrifice. Nice choice of which one to save! Glad to have found your blog via iCrochet today =)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Kellie...I was looking at my flickr pics and realized that I need to try out different colour combos...I'm really happy with the ruffle hotpad in those colours.

Thanks K......Yes I couldn't bring myself to having that hotpad covered in coffee stains.
Don't you just love iCrochet!
I've found some wonderful blogs through that site.
I popped your blog into my reader after visiting it!
I really enjoyed reading it!
cheers suki

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