Friday, February 11, 2011

One glove syndrome? No way!

I'm determined to finish the pair.
 But I will take a wee break for a few days
to make some quick projects with heavier yarn.
Left glove finished

This hasn't been blocked yet
so it's a bit wobbly.
I'll make the buttonhole later when
the second one is finished.

I must admit that I'm getting quicker
at jacquard crochet although
my tension is still uneven.
Practice hasn't made perfect
but it has made it easier.


intothedawn said...

I don't know about wobbly-- I think it looks GREAT! So intricate-- and all those color changes; I think I'd go mad. That's going to be a beautiful pair of fingerless gloves.

sukigirl said...

Thanks Dawn...the colour changes are a little crazy but mostly you are working with only two colours at a time.
I'm hoping the second glove goes a little faster.
It's good to see you back blogging again!
hugs ann

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