Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Craft Book Challenge (CBC)

I've joined the Craft Book Challenge.
In a nut shell....
Each month you make a project
from one of your craft books.
Doesn't have to be big project
and it's no big deal if you do miss a month.
It's a fun idea started by Liesl
(check it out by clicking the button in sidebar).

It's a great way to inspire everyone to take
those books off the shelf and make something.

When I crocheted my tea cosy
I needed some flowers
to embellish the top so
 I chose three different roses from
by Lesley Stanfield

This one is my favourite, it's called Ruffled  Rose.

Ruffled flower front

Check out the back of it.
The last 2 rows naturally fold over to form
a really nice finish.

back of ruffled flower

The red one is called Flared Rose,
the orange one is Centifolia Rose.
They are both made by crocheting a
long strip and then rolling it up.
top view of my latest tea cosy

I originally wanted to make
peppermint leaves since that is my
favourite tea but
I liked the look of roses better and
you can also make tea from rose hips.


martha brown said...

I tried to add the button to my blog but I couldn't get it to work (don't usually have a problem) I buy waaaay too many craft books! I can't wait to see what you're making.I have that 100 flowers book...

sukigirl said...

Oh yeah...I do remember I had trouble with it. If you delete and then retype all the quotation marks it works. My computer savvy son had seen this before.
I totally forgot to mention it to her so I'll head over there now.
I think that it is because it wasn't coded for blogger.
Let me know if that helps.
I'm glad that you joining up...I think it's a great motivator :D

Sus said...

Great idea! I will enjoy seeing the projects you make for your challenge. The flower is very nice and you're right -- the back looks great too! :)

sukigirl said...

Thanks Sus!
Yeah I really like this flower. It's the same technique that is used for my ruffle wasvso much fun making them.

Claire said...

I am trying to make the ruffled rose. I am new to reading patterns though! At the end of 1st round, it says 10 chain bars. Does this mean the total of treble chains I have after finishing the round? Or does it want me to create a 10 chain bar? I am also trying to figure out how to double crochet in a treble crochet correctly... If you could help me out, I would really appreciate it! Thanks :)

sukigirl said...

Hi Claire,
10 chain bars means the total # of treble chains that you should have after finishing the round.
Think of 'chain bars' as the spokes of a wheel.

For your second question are you asking about Round 4?
If so is it this part?
" 4 dc around next tr "
The key here is that you don't crochet into the treble. You crochet around the treble. Which means you go into the space that the treble created.

I find that the diagrams really help me when I crochet. If I don't understand what the written directions mean then I look at the diagrams. There are online site that can help with understanding them.

I hope I've helped...if you need more please let me know!
cheers suki


Claire said...

Yes the first part helped tremendously! I am referring to round 2. Where after I chain 3, and dc around first 3 ch bar, it wants me to do a sequence of dc around the treble. I feel like after I have finished the 4th round of that sequence, I have run out of room to finish the round out. Like when it refers to "4 dc around 4ch". I don't know what 4ch it is talking about! I have been driving myself nuts trying to complete this!

sukigirl said...

I'm not surprised that you find it confusing since it is an advanced design.
It would be so much easier to show you how to do it, wordS really do make it complicated.

I'm wondering if you have your base (round 1) done correctly. Do you have a wheel with all 10 spokes.
Make sure that you do. If so you should be able to put 4dc AROUND each treble. It will be tight but that is normal.

Okay now for the '4 dc around 4ch'
If you did the first round correctly you should have 9 spokes made by trebles and 1 spoke made of 4 chains.
Look at the instructions for round 1 again.
You'll see that you started with 7ch. You'll also see that you ended that round with 'ss in 4th ch of 7ch. By slip stitching (ss)to that 4th chain, you created a single spoke made up of 4ch.
So in round 2 when you are making those 4dc around all the spokes, one of those spokes is made of 4 chains.

Does that help are am I confusing you more.

Annemarie said...

Hi! I would like to let you know that there is a link party on my crochet blog every fridaynight and Saturday. I would love it if you’d add something you made. Have a lovely day!

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