Thursday, March 6, 2008

All hail the Queen

Toronto has some very cool neighbourhoods
and Queen St West is one of them.
I first discovered it when I was checking out one of the best yarn stores in the city......Romni Wools. On my first visit there I mention to the woman who is helping me that I am a crocheter. 'Wait for it." I say to myself. Usually this c word elicits a reaction of discomfort from clerks. Think of me as Julia Roberts walking into that posh clothing store in Pretty Women. But no...without skipping a beat she is showing me all sorts of goodies

Walk further down the street, past the ladies dancing in the window in their lingerie (another post), and past the sweet aroma coming from the coffee shop Niche, and you will find the lovely textile store of mac Fab. I have found out that they sell Amy Butler fabric and after seeing all the beautiful things people are making with her fabric I decide to take the plunge and buy some to make pillows.

Next ....... The Paper Place.
What can I say...the papers are incredibly beautiful! I end up choosing some cards and envelopes in greens and greys and I also pick up this cute Japanese kit. It is a small purse in the shape of a domed house. The roof is to be crocheted and the yarn is the so soft and from Japan. The bottom part is wool felt. I can't wait to make it up...I can see myself making up some variations of these!

There were so many other shops to visit: Bakka the sci-fi bookstore (DH's favourite), great places to eat (Rosebud, Terroni's), a heavenly bakery, and lots more. I'm looking forward to going back and checking out their great clothing stores where most of the clothes are reconstructed items made with vintage material. Sweet!

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