Friday, March 7, 2008

The Imposter is surrounded

Fred questions his costume choice for the
New Year's Eve Ball.
It's difficult being a tape measure.


coltpixy said...

The tape measure cover looks good enough to eat. Got milk? :^)

crochet2give said...

Your oreo tape measure is adorable!!! Do you offer the pattern at all? I would love to make my friend one for Christmas.

sukigirl said...

I used the pattern from Elisabeth Doherty's book Amigurumi!
But there are free patterns online..
I found this one
but I'm sure there is a lot more.
I made the two cookie parts and hot glued them to a small tape measure.
Then, with white yarn, I chained and sc enough to go around the edge (hot glued again) leaving a space for the tape to come out.
Hope this helps!

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