Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gifts for baby Jasmine

Clock made from a book
Jasmine (my nephew's daughter) is 6 weeks old and she needs something cool for her bedroom wall. With this in mind I decided to make her a clock from one of my favourite books
Where the Wild Things Are

I used this excellent tutorial.
I had originally thought that I could find a second-hand copy of the book but, when I couldn't, I had to buy a new copy.
The hardest part was cutting into this beautiful book but when I made the decision to cut out and save the inside pages for another project it became a little easier, but only a little easier. Originally I wanted to add numbers but I like the look of it uncluttered.

I also crocheted her a bib from the book
Baby Crochet by Lois Daykin.
By the way, the top edge is only wonky in the picture.
I'd take a better pic but it's not in my hands anymore.

I found some cute Peter Rabbit material and sewed some
reversible bibs from this tutorial.


Joan of Dark said...

That clock is such a great idea! I have to try that for my niece!

Crochet Diva said...

I love the crocheted bib! Very cute. I may crocheting some tie bibs for my babygirl. Did you use cotton yarn?

sukigirl said...


Joan, I love the fact that this project can be personalized ...I hope you let me know if you end up making one.

Diva...yes I used a 4 ply cotton yarn to make it. I had never used a crochet hook as small as 3.5 mm before so for me that was quite small! LOL1

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