Monday, April 21, 2008

Coffee with Stan Marsh

Stan is the last image that I need to finish before
putting my second South Park afghan together.

I sit with him
most mornings,
sharing a small table by the back door
with a cappuccino in hand.
I like quiet in the mornings
and he is silent for the moment since
I haven't yet made his mouth,
which makes him good company.


Crochet Diva said...

Very cute and inspiring! **Runs to make her own cup of espresso**

sukigirl said...

Thanks diva! I used to be a teetotaler but I'm now totally addicted to the dark bean.

Lina said...

Too funny, I had a Kenny keychain for the longest time. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

sukigirl said...

Thanks for stopping by...I wanted to mention that I like how your kitchen curtains came out despite all the pain you and your hubby went through.

stephanie said...

did you use the small or big chart on knit pro im trying to make these as well and the small chart comes out too blurry?

sukigirl said...

I used the small chart (regular).
I'm not sure what you mean by blurry.
Do you mean where two colours meet?
For those areas I simply decided what colour would go into those squares.

If you still don't like working with the small chart you could always change your afghan design by using a larger chart size and change the images around to make it uniquely yours!
Good luck!

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