Sunday, June 8, 2008

Inspiration from France

One wonderful thing about traveling is that it slightly shifts your view of the world and inspires all sorts of wonderful ideas!

One of those inspirations has become my new addiction.
French magazines
Today's ideas come courtesy of Mari-Claire Idees June/08 issue.
This was the one magazine I wanted
as far as I know they are not available in Canada.

The title of the article is "Rouge comme une tomate".
In English "Red like a tomato".
This mosaic watering can makes me want to get my tiles
out and get back into mosaics. Beautiful!

And look at this bag. The variations are endless!
All you need is some beautiful fabric and then add some embroidery.

Next is a beautiful kitchen cupboard made with a combination
of decoupaged and painted images.
You could come up with all sorts of variations on this theme.

And my favourite is a beautiful linen covered binder to hold your recipes.
Most of the details are done in embroidery but what I love most is the tomato.
It looks like it is layered fabric sewn down in strips to
create a three dimensional effect!


coltpixy said...

My favorite is the cupboard. I would love to have one like that.
Is it possible to get a subscription to the magazine mailed to Canada?

sukigirl said...

It is a lovely cupboard,isn't it!
They won't send a subscription to here...the closest is to the U.S. I do have a niece that lives in Boston so if I really want it then I can always get her to send it to me.

driftwood said...

the tomato furniture is amazing!
thanks for visiting my blog, hope you enjoyed the links, and met some new friends in the comments. x

sukigirl said...

Thank you Driftwood,
Your blog gave me lots of new ideas and I look forward to what you post next!

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