Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Luxembourg Garden in Paris

I saw this lovely fountain in the Luxembourg Garden
in Paris
and instantly fell in love with it.
Who were these lovers and why was the god
who hovered above them unhappy
....no doubt he wanted her for himself.
A little research and I found out a few things...

The god was in fact not a god, but a cyclop
named Polypheme who was
indeed in love with the lovely sea-nymph Galatea.
But Galatea, as fate would have it,
only had eyes for Acis and the
giant Polyphemus pushed a boulder, killing Acis.
In sorrow Galatea
turned her dead lover's blood into the river Acis.


coltpixy said...

It is a beautiful place! I love how they visually tell the whole story with the water representing the river.

sukigirl said...

Yes, isn't it wonderful...
And apparently the widow, Marie de Medici, who commissioned it was not happy living in France and wanted to recreate the feeling of her childhood garden..the Boboli in Florence.

Carolina said...

Beautiful pictures. I just love your afgan, wonderful work. I invite you to my blog. I´m from Chile, I speak English in case you want to leave a message.

Bye bye

sukigirl said...

Thank you Carolina!
I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your lovely cross stitch and crochet! Thank you for taking the time to drop by!

Carolina said...

Thanks. Oh, I´ve invented a "CHALLENGE" and I want to invite you to participate. The challenge is to create a gift using your hands for any kid in the "Children's Day" that's on August 10th, and the rules are: 1.-To say to whom is going to be your present (example: for my son/ nephew/ neighbour, etc, Charles that´s 4 years old)
2.-To tell what the present it´s going to be (example: I´m going to make an afgan with the South Park characters)
3.-Upload a picture with the child and the present, the day he receives it.(you have till August 30th)

That´s all, you and your friends are very welcome .

The picture tha says "challenge" its the one with a kid and a bear if you one to added in case you accept.

Bye bye, from Chile

sukigirl said...

Thanks for the invitation, I'm not sure that I can participate but I'll certainly keep an eye on your blog to see the fun!
Take care and bye from Canada!

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