Thursday, June 26, 2008

Frenchy bag...Amy Butler

I'm totally in love with my new bag.
It's the first bag that I've sewn and the first time I've used Amy Butler fabric and there's no turning back now!

A couple months ago I literally dusted off my old sewing machine to make my niece some bibs for her new baby. It felt so good sewing those few items that I thought why not try something else. So I went on flickr and naively searched 'sewing' thinking that a few hundred results would pop up......more like 250,000!

One style of bag caught my eye, the Frenchy bag, and by coincidence it was a pattern made by, no other than Amy Butler.
It is a wonderfully well designed pattern and I found it very easy to put together, I'd recommend it for anyone who has some sewing experience.

A smaller handbag version is also included in the pattern and I'm definitely looking forward to sewing it.
Fabric names: green nouveau trees from her midwest modern collection and blue gothic rose from her Belle collection.


The List Writer said...

Hello, I found your blog via flickr.

Thanks for this review of the Frenchy bag - I've had my eye on that pattern for a while now becuase I love the way it looks. Your fabric choices are excellent! I've made a couple of Amy Butler things (apron and quilt)and love the way they've turned out.

I have the pattern for the Anna tunic which will be made next, but then maybe the Frenchy bag....

sukigirl said...

Thanks for your kind comment!
I took a quick peak at your blog and it's such a wonderful read especially for a Canadian (we so love anything British!)
I'm so jealous that you can pop over so easily to London and visit places like The British Museum (also love the V & A!)
I'm off to read more especially your TGV trip to southern France and of course your Amy Butler projects!
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Awesome bag. It looks really professionally made. Well done :o)!

Anonymous said...

love what you did with your frenchy! i just sewed up mine this weekend- after running a 5K in the hottest and most humid of new england days, i decided to plant myself at my sewing machine in the AC! i love your fabric combo- it looks perfect to go right into fall!

sukigirl said...

Thanks Bird! I took my bag on holidays and it is a wonderful travel bag. For my next one I'm going to use different fabrics on each pocket so it will be quicker to know which pocket I put things into.
Wow, I'm really impressed with your run! Way to go!

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